Phone a friend, SweeTARTS new gummy shape announced


Are you ready for the newest SweeTARTS gummy shape? It is time to phone a friend with the exciting news.

SweeTARTS gummy candy has a new shape added to its bags. Since the candy company believes that the world should never be bland, the gummy candy incorporated fun shapes. Recently, the brand asked fans to submit ideas for the next gummy shape. The winning choice will have you phoning a friend.

In the company announcement, the winner of the Next Gummy Shape contest was a cellphone. This shape joins other fun items like VR headset, a rocket ship and more. The idea with these shapes is to make eating the candy tasty and fun.

One of the reasons why the cellphone was chosen is because the cellphone has changed how people communicate and has even brought people together. This device has become a part of everyday life and culture. Now it is more likely to have a cellphone versus not having one.

New SweeTARTS gummy shape, photo provided by SweeTARTS

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While the cellphone was the ultimate winner, it does seem like a sports themed gummy have been a good option as well. The brand said that options like a hockey stick and a popcorn bucket were contenders. Personally, I would have liked to see swim goggles, but maybe that shape didn’t resonate with a lot of people.

The idea of different gummy shapes has a lot of appeal to candy fans because it makes the eating experience more fun. While some people eat based solely on taste, the different shapes can make a great conversation starter. Depending on how a person combines all the shapes could create a candy story. Just think of the funny phrases that could be created out of a single bag.

The new cellphone gummy shape will be added to bags later this year. It will be available in both sweet and sour flavors, including cherry, green apple, orange, blue punch and lemon.

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What’s your favorite SweeTART shape and flavor? Personally, I like the blue punch rocket ship shape because it is out of this world. Share your favorite combination below or tag #FoodSided on social media.