SweeTARTS Gummies show candy should never be bland


Ready for fun? SweeTARTS Gummies are here and your candy bowl will never be boring again. What’s your favorite shape and flavor combination?

SweeTART Gummies have come to store shelves. While this new candy has the classic sweet and slightly tart flavor from the classic candy, the texture and shapes are all new. Ready to grab a handful of fun?

The newest offering from the candy company adds to the favorite candy portfolio. By adding a gummy option, the brand looks to capitalize on a popular candy trend. According to Benjamin Jones, SweeTARTS marketing associate, “after recently surveying more than 1,000 college students, and learning that more than 76 percent prefer gummy candies over chewy, hard or licorice candy formats.”

SweeTARTS Gummies at Sweets and Snacks Expo, photo by Cristine Struble

It is curious that the younger candy fans prefer a gummy candy. Gummies offer a satisfying, yet fun texture. Plus, the flavor in a gummy is often more pronounced. It doesn’t mean that people only eat one or two candies.

Gummies are great combined. Putting multiple flavors together can create a totally new flavor. Since most gummies work well together, why not make a strawberry lemonade, orange lemonade or even a fruit punch.

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With the new SweeTARTS Gummies, the flavor combinations aren’t the only fun in the bag. Each bag is filled with fun shaped gummies. Some of the fun candy shapes include a rocket ship, flip flops and guitars. Instead of combining based just on flavor, candy fans can combine candy based on shape. Just think of the numerous fun mash-ups in a single bag.

Of course, the company wants its fans to have a say in the fun gummy shapes. Right now, fans can vote at Search for the Next Gummy Shape. Who knows what the next shape will be? Personally, I’m hoping for swim googles or running shoes. Another fun idea would be a lobster.

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Are you ready to try the new SweeTARTS Gummies? The new candy is available in both regular and sour flavors. What flavor and shape combinations could you make?