Morning runs to Dunkin’ just took a fashion forward turn


Looking to make a fashion statement on your morning Dunkin’ run? This fashion forward look will definitely have people take notice.

At New York Fashion Week, Dunkin’ unveiled a special look for its iconic “Dunkin’ Runner.” Do you think your morning run would be uber fashionable in this bright pink ensemble? Or, maybe the look should just be a Halloween costume.

Iconic food brands have become part of pop culture. Dunkin’ is one of those brands. From the old school commercials about making the donuts to today’s colorful rebranding, the name and look is part of the common collective.

While this Halloween costume is a little tongue and cheek, the concept does reflect some food and fashion trends. Earlier this year, Dunkin’ released running shoe ahead of the Boston Marathon. Cheetos had a fashion line. The crossover between food and fashion happens often.

Even looking at theme parks, food themed souvenirs and clothes fly off the shelves. Everyone wants to share their love of their favorite foods.

Photo: The Dunkin’ Runner costume debut at Fashion Week 2019.. Image Courtesy Dunkin’

Although this idea was the first ever Halloween costume, it brings up an interesting idea heading into Halloween season. What other Dunkin’ inspired costumes could fans create?

Over the years, people have made coffee cups, donut boxes and the like. Given the brand’s color scheme and logo, those concepts are relatively straight forward.

For a more creative approach, what if you got a group of friends and went as a dozen of donuts? From one person being a classic glaze to another person being a jelly donut, the options are many. Plus, you could even hand out some donuts as a Halloween treat.

Whether you purchase this special Halloween costume or create one of your own, food and fashion are and will continue to be tied. Let’s hope that edible clothes aren’t a new trend.

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What do you think of this Dunkin’ fashion forward look? Would you wear it on your next “run?”