Sandlot Brewery, a destination for beer and baseball fans


Located inside Coors Field, Sandlot Brewery is more than just a place where Colorado Rockies fans grab a cold one. Beer fans need to plan a visit.

As the first brewery in a Major League Ballpark, Sandlot Brewery is on many beer fans must visit list. From its iconic, signature beer to its numerous GABF medals, beer fans will be heading to this brewery, and then maybe catching a baseball game.

Colorado’s beer scene is one of the most highly regarded beer scenes in the nation. It is considered one of the top five beer states in the nation. From large scale breweries to nano breweries, exploring all the brews on the huge list would take a long time.

While beer and baseball go hand in hand, Sandlot Brewery is a little different than other breweries. Awarded as one of the best small breweries in the nation, brewers Tom Hall and Mike Miller brew approximately 1,500 barrels of beer per year. That attention to detail makes these beers a must try.

Probably the brewery’s biggest claim to fame is the infamous Bellyside Wit. That beer is the original Blue Moon. While the iconic beer has a huge following, this original brew, in its original location, is a must for any beer lover.

In addition to that iconic beer, the brewery tends to focus on German brewed beers. While most of the beers are seasonal, that variety give baseball fans numerous options throughout the season.

Photo: Sandlot Brewery, located inside Coors Field.. Sandlot Brewery beer list.. Photos taken by Dayna Johnson, provided by Kevin Henry, expert at Rox Pile

Our friends at Rox Pile shared a photo of the beers on tap from a game earlier this year. Looking at this list of beers, there is a wonderful variety, especially for watching a baseball game. From a flavorful lager to a bold Imperial Stout, a beer fan could create the ultimate beer flight.

Based on this photo, I would recommend trying the Right Field Red. The American Red Ale is flavorful yet not overpowering, especially while watching a long baseball game.

Also, the Barsman Pilsner is a great choice. It is crisp, refreshing and you can probably have a second one before the seventh inning stretch.

Since this brewery has an affiliation with MillerCoors, there are more common beers on the menu as well. If you aren’t a big craft beer drinker, don’t worry, you can still get a Coors Light.

In addition to the beer, the brewery does serve food. While I haven’t seen a current menu, I have heard that the briskey sandwich is a good choice. And, the nachos are a popular order.

The Sandlot Brewery is located at Blake St, Denver, CO 80205.

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Have you been to the Sandlot Brewery? What was your favorite beer that you sipped?