America’s favorite dessert is not grandma’s classic pie


Can you guess America’s favorite dessert? While everyone loves grandma’s classic pie, that all-American classic has taken a back seat to something sweeter.

America’s favorite dessert might be quite debatable. Although everyone thinks that their family’s iconic cake, pie or other dessert is the best, the masses might not agree. Still, dessert is often the best way to end a meal or just a special indulgence. Just what is America ordering?

October 14 is National Dessert Day, which had Grubhub surveying dessert orders across the nation. Based on all this data, it doesn’t seem that people are passing on those sweet treats. More importantly, it looks like consumers are wanting rich, indulgent dessert options.

According to the survey, “America’s top three favorite desserts are actually chocolate fudge sundaes, vanilla bean cheesecake, and fruit crepes.” Sorry all American apple pie, that dessert doesn’t make the top three.

Looking at those desserts, it seems that consumers are wanting desserts that satisfy a sweet tooth. Sure, the over the top, sundae craze is still going strong. But, that chocolate fudge sundae is classic. Is there anything better than ice cream and chocolate?

As for the vanilla bean cheesecake, that choice is a little more interesting. This dessert isn’t the classic NY style cheese cake. Maybe this version, with a touch more sweetness and possibly a smoother texture, could have a broader appeal.

Lastly, the idea of fruit crepes as a dessert seems the most unusual. Sure, there’s all the talk about colorful pancakes and crepes are quite difficult to make at home. Still, it is curious that people are ordering crepes for a dessert. Maybe crepes will be the new cronut.

Overall, this survey shows that Americans are craving dessert. Whether they crave more in the summertime or prefer chocolatey goodness, they aren’t skipping those sweet treats.

One aspect seems to be missing from the Grubhub survey. Plant based desserts have been growing in popularity. As seen in Disney’s huge food initiative, plant based foods can be as tasty (or tastier) than other menu items.

This survey doesn’t seem to address plant based desserts. A dessert that doesn’t have eggs or butter can be just as tasty as any other dessert. It would be interesting to know if these desserts are being ordered more often.

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Do you agree with America’s favorite dessert? More importantly, what are you ordering for National Dessert Day?