Delicious doughnuts: What’s your doughnut personality?


Do you love delicious doughnuts? Ever wonder which doughnut best represents your doughnut personality? We have an answer.

Delicious doughnuts aren’t just a breakfast treat. From a celebratory occasion, like National Doughnut Day or a birthday, to a just because treat, doughnuts are a favorite choice for everyone. But, what does your favorite doughnut say about you? What’s your doughnut personality?

Doughnuts come in all types of styles, flavors, shapes and combinations. From the classic yeast donut to gourmet doughnuts, like Voodoo Doughnut, people could eat a new doughnut every day for months probably. Still, most people have a favorite doughnut flavor.

What does your favorite doughnut flavor say about you? Some people never vary from their favorite flavor. Other people love the newest food trend. Maybe a choice just depends on your mood. No matter which category represents your opinion, doughnuts are always yummy.

Since everyone at FoodSided has eaten their fair share of doughnuts, we decided to create this doughnut personality list. There is no scientific research in this list, just our opinion. Feel free to disagree, agree or submit your own recommendation. We are open to eating some more doughnuts.

Delicious doughnuts, what’s your doughnut personality? photo by Cristine Struble

Millennials, kids and even grandpa’s favorite doughnuts

Millennials are obsessed with pink. It makes sense that a millennial doughnut would be covered in pink icing. For a perfectly pink doughnut, FoodSided recommends little pinky from Voodoo Doughnut.

This yeast doughnut is covered with a pink icing and sprinkles. The flavor is sweet, but not too sweet. Also, the yeast doughnut is light and fluffy. The doughnut is delicious with coffee or cocktails. Yes, a glass of rose with this doughnut is totally acceptable.

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For the kids, a classic sprinkle doughnut is always a delicious choice. Kids tend to love sprinkles. Sprinkles make even a regular day a celebration. Luckily, most doughnut shops offer sprinkle doughnuts. Whether the kids want a chocolate, vanilla or other flavor icing, the sprinkles are the best part.

As for grandpa, we found that he likes plain, classic glazed doughnuts. Often older people prefer classic, clean flavors. A Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut is one of the best classic, plain doughnuts available. When that red light is on, a hot one, right off the line, is even better.

Foodies, pranksters and candy fans

For foodies, they are always looking for the newest food trend or delicious bite. The pastry genius Dominique Ansel created the cronut (he also trademarked that name). This pastry is a combination of a croissant and a doughnut. The flakey layers melt in your mouth. For foodies, this doughnut combination is the ultimate indulgence.

Even though foodies may want to travel to Ansel’s pastry shop, a few variations of his recipes have been made. Just don’t use the trademarked name in your creation. There is only one true cronut.

Delicious doughnuts, what’s your doughnut personality? photo by Cristine Struble

Some people enjoy a good joke or prank. For these prankster, FoodSided recommends the Voodoo Doll doughnut from Voodoo Doughnut. This little guy has a spunky personality. While each doughnut creator puts her personal spin on his decoration, a few characteristics always remain the same.

The Voodoo Doll is a jelly filled doughnut with a chocolate icing. Always, there is a pretzel stake through his heart (or near his heart). Just be careful when you bite into this little guy. No one wants the jelly filled center to fall on your shirt.

Just like Bart Simpson said, no one better lay a finger on my Butterfinger. Candy on top of a doughnut is a special treat. Sure, the sugar level goes through the roof, but the right combination is definitely tasty. While the candy doughnut makes our delicious doughnuts list, the Butterfingering donut from Voodoo Doughnut is our favorite.

This doughnut has just the right combination of luscious chocolate and salty peanut butter. The candy pieces aren’t too big nor too small. Each bite comes with doughnut and candy. It is definitely a yummy morsel. Just make sure that you have a big drink to wash it all down.

Cereal lovers, savory fans and spice fanatics

Cereal has been a classic breakfast food. Why not have cereal and a doughnut combined? Putting cereal on top of a doughnut is a delicious bite. If you haven’t had it, definitely try it.

A personal favorite cereal donut is the Oh Captain, My Captain from Voodoo Doughnut. The yeast doughnut is covered with vanilla icing and topped with Capt N’ Crunch cereal. There are even some crunch berries on the doughnut. This doughnut brings us back to childhood in the best way.

Delicious doughnuts, what’s your doughnut personality? photo by Cristine Struble

Sometimes doughnuts need a touch of savory flavors. Putting bacon on a doughnut instantly makes it a hit. Isn’t everything better with bacon?

Many doughnut shops have a version of a maple bacon donut. It’s a combination that features classic breakfast flavors. The sweetness from the maple glaze is like yummy syrup. The bacon needs to be crisp and slightly salty. The combination makes you instantly wish that you had a bigger doughnut.

A little heat in a doughnut is a good thing. We aren’t talking about a warm doughnut from the over. Spice and chocolate are definitely a winning combination. A Mexican hot chocolate doughnut combines a little spicy heat with a classic chocolate cake doughnut.

For this doughnut, it is more of a dessert doughnut. Sure, the heat from the spices can wake you up in the morning, but the doughnut works really well with an after dinner cocktail. We recommend an aged rum, with vanilla notes to complement the spice and chocolate.

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Of course, we probably forgot a bunch of different personalities. This list doesn’t include fruit fans, coffee fanatics or a dozen others. Truthfully, delicious doughnuts can fit any doughnut personality. The only bad doughnut is a stale doughnut. That kind is a definite don’t.

Did your doughnut personality make our list? What’s your favorite delicious doughnuts? Share your thoughts and pictures with us using #FoodSided.