Tic Tac Coca-Cola is coming, ready for the pop heard round the world?


Tic Tac Coca-Cola brings together two iconic brands and this special limited edition flavor will be flying off store shelves.

What can make the refreshing mint even better? Tic Tac Coca-Cola are joining forces to create the first ever mint created with Coca-Cola. Are you craving this new refreshing mint?

For 50 years, Tic Tac has been the iconic refreshing mint. While the brand has evolved over time, the special shape, container and even shaking sound have made its mark in pop culture.

Even though mint flavors are classic, the refreshing mint has other flavors as well. From the always popular orange to fruit mix, the mint isn’t the only type of Tic Tacs. Previously, the brand had even launched a flavor changing option that featured cherry and cola.

Coca-Cola is a worldwide icon. From the coloring to the font, everyone can spot that particular beverage anywhere. More importantly, everyone knows that classic beverage flavor.

Bringing cola and mint together should be quite a tasty flavor combination. While other countries have cola beverages with hints of mint, this sweet treat brings something new to the sweets and snacks aisle.

Without having taste tested the new treat, the flavor should start sweet and finish minty. That flavor combination should be invigorating.

In addition to a flavor combination that people want to try, the collaboration works with Tic Tac’s connection to pop culture. As seen with its connection to iHeart Music, the brand is all about shareable moments.


This new limited edition flavor definitely looks to be the pop heard around the world. The idea seems to create a special taste experience that can be shared with everyone. The only question left is when are you going to shake some for yourself or for your friends?

This new Tic Tac Coca-Cola flavor looks to be available early next year. More details will be coming.

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What do you think of this new Tic Tac Flavor? Will you be excited to try some?