Food Network recommends this strategy for the perfect Thanksgiving


Want to have the perfect Thanksgiving? Food Network has devised the perfect strategy to ensure that this year’s holiday celebration is amazing.

Have you always wanted to throw the perfect Thanksgiving celebration? As the Food Network begins its holiday programming, the food authority wants to help everyone eliminate the stress this holiday season. With this three-part strategy, even the Thanksgiving newbie can have an amazing celebratory feast.

Whether celebrating Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, the November holiday is filled with a bountiful table of deliciousness. From the turkey to the side-dishes, everyone anticipates that annual feast.

While the celebration around the table is memorable, the holiday can come with some trepidation. From cooking mishaps to poorly designed menus, the pressure building up to the event can make a host just order in.

“Thanksgiving is a holiday full of wonderful traditions that Americans look forward to every year,” said Michelle Buffardi, Vice President of Digital Editorial for Food Network, Cooking Channel and “However, without the right planning and preparation, it’s easy for hosts to become overwhelmed by the pressure to please guests and end up missing out on cherished time with friends and family.”

In a recent survey by the Food Network digital team and Open Mind Strategy, the findings showed that a third of the responders feel stress and anxiety over the upcoming holiday. To help alleviate those emotions, Food Network has devised this three-part strategy that can assist any host.

The three keys to remember are: “planning, preparation and inspired takes on Thanksgiving classics.” While these keys seem relatively straight forward, hosts can accomplish almost anything with these ideas in mind.


Whether it is Thanksgiving or any event, smart planning can reduce stress and anxiety. From making a to-do list to delegating tasks, understanding what needs to be accomplished can keep the host from scurrying around last minute.

Food Network recommends starting the Thanksgiving prep-list about three weeks before Thanksgiving. From creating a guest list to asking about dietary needs, tackling the basis helps make the task doable.

Then, the following week can consist of ordering a turkey, finalizing the menu and planning special touches. Sure, there might be a few last minute to-do items, but the big tasks will be crossed off that bigger list.

Smart Preparation

No one wants to spend all of Thanksgiving Day stuck in the kitchen. Sure, the kitchen might be the sanctuary from those uncomfortable family moments, but it can get hot in there, too. Why not prepare some menu items beforehand.

For example, even just setting the Thanksgiving table three days out can be a huge help. Also, some dishes, like desserts and side dishes, can be made a day or two prior to the celebration. By preparing a few days before, the big day can focus on making the perfect bird (and maybe sneaking a little glass of wine in the kitchen).

Update those classic dishes

While everyone loves grandma’s stuffing, the entire Thanksgiving menu doesn’t have to be filled traditional recipes. Sometimes a twist on the familiar can add a spark to the celebration.

From adding a little global spice to the turkey seasoning to creating a twist on that classic pumpkin pie, creativity in the kitchen is always a good idea.

Also, Food Network can inspire the home cook in many ways. From its cooking shows to the app to the website, the food authority has everything that the home cook needs to make a delicious feast.

As the countdown to Thanksgiving begins, it is never too early to make plans. No one wants to be running through the grocery store on November 27 hoping to whip up something fantastic. Remember a holiday feast doesn’t need to turn into Chopped or Supermarket Stakeout.

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