Plated makes your next Taco Tuesday beyond delicious


Ready to go beyond on your next Taco Tuesday? Plated adds Beyond Meat Tacos to its menu lineup and everyone taste why plant-based recipes are so popular.

What can make Taco Tuesday event tastier? Plated has added Beyond Meat Tacos to its lineup. Whether you prefer to eat a plant-based diet or want to taste this popular food trend, this new recipe is another reason to place your next meal kit order.

Plant-based foods have surged in popularity. From fast food brands adding these types of burgers to celebrity chefs using the products on their menus, the plant-based food phenomena is just starting.

For Plated to add this recipe to its lineup shows that home cooks are looking to experiment with these ingredients. While some products can be found on grocery store shelves, foodies are looking for easy, convenient ways to explore how to use this product in the best possible way.

Since Plated’s culinary experts have explored the Beyond Meat, the team has offered a few tips that can take this plant-based food to the next level. While each tip has merit, the overall idea is to treat the ingredient just as you would traditional meat proteins. If you season beef, why wouldn’t you season Beyond Meat?

Plated’s first tip recommends browning the Beyond Meat in a hot pan. A good sear can add both flavor and texture to the dish.

Second, consider seasoning the Beyond Meat with some big flavors. From soy sauce to Worcestershire, proper seasoning is imperative to create the best flavor experience.

Lastly, cook the Beyond Meat with some aromatics. A little chopped garlic, onions and even some peppers can add depth of flavor to any plant-based protein dish.

This new taco recipe is Beyond Meat Taco with Pico de Gallo and Cilantro-Lime Crema. Again, this recipe is just as flavorful as a traditional taco. The proteins are just swapped.

To entice new customers to try this launch, Plated is offering first time subscribers a big discount. On Tuesday, October 22, new customers can receive “$25 off their first two weeks of orders.” Subscribers can visit and should enter the code “TACOTUESDAY” at check out.

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Are you ready to elevate your next Taco Tuesday? Head over to Plated and taste the difference.