Pillsbury Brownie Bark Mixes are an irresistible sweet treat


Looking to satisfy that sweet tooth? The new Pillsbury Brownie Bark Mixes are the delicious, fresh baked thin sweet treat that you need to make now.

Ready to get baking? Pillsbury Brownie Bark Mixes are hitting store shelves and no one will be able to resist this newest Pillsbury baked treat.

As the aroma of rich chocolate fills the kitchen, your stomach starts to grumble. Once that timer beeps, you know that warm, fresh brownie treats are waiting to satisfy your sweet tooth. Isn’t fresh from the oven better than from a bag?

Over the years, more dessert fans have gravitated to thin, crisp brownie treats. While each bite is filled with chocolate goodness, that crispy, almost crunchy texture seems to satisfy even more.

The new Pillsbury Brownie Bark Mixes brings that treat to the home kitchen. Just like the irresistible fresh brownies from the oven, this baking mix is just as tasty, only thinner. It has all the crunch and it is ready when you want it.

The new baking mix comes in two flavors, Chocolate Chip and Toffee. These two flavors boost the traditional chocolate brownie flavor. Whether you want extra chocolate or a touch of sweetness, both sweet treats will quickly become family favorites.

In addition to the Pillsbury Brownie Bark Mixes, other colorful Pillsbury Baking Mixes will be hitting store shelves. The holidays are a perfect reason to gather together and create some tasty treats in the kitchen.

The Funfetti line celebrates 30 years of colorful baking. According to Dan Anglemyer, COO of Hometown Food Company, “Pillsbury’s Funfetti™ Frostings and Cake Mixes have been bringing families and friends together for birthdays, holidays and special moments big and small for decades.”

Added to the Funfetti line are two new options, Funfetti Galaxy Frosting and Funfetti Yellow Cake Mix and the Funfetti Unicorn Frosting and Funfetti Strawberry Cake Mix. Both offerings are a vibrant addtiion to Pillsbury’s line.

The Funfetti Galaxy Frosting and Funfetti Yellow Cake Mix is definitely out of this world. With “yellow stars, orange moons, silver rocket ships and white sprinkles,” this baking mix is perfect for the science fair, spaced themed birthday party or just to celebrate the monthly full moon.

Since the unicorn trend is still going strong, the Funfetti Unicorn Frosting and Funfetti Strawberry Cake Mix definitely adds some colorful magic to baking. From the bright colors to the fruit flavors, it could quickly become a birthday party favorite.

No matter which Pillsbury Baking Mix your family chooses, baking together can be a great way to make memories. From learning to measure to even the occasional mistakes, those moments can create a love of baking that will last a lifetime.

The new Pillsbury Brownie Bark Mixes as well as the Funfetti offerings are available at various retailers nationwide.

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What baked good can you not resist? Have you started your holiday baking yet?