Crispin’s cidermosa, fall’s perfect crisp sip for any occasion


Have you ever sipped a Crispin cidermosa? This simple twist on a classic cocktail is the perfect crisp sip that is full of fall flavors.

Recently, mimosas have been a trending cocktail. While this cocktail is often associated with brunch, the effervescent bubbles and bright flavors can make it a perfect apertif for any occasion. As fall flavors take over everyone’s plates and glasses, why not let cider transform that mimosa into a cidermosa.

A cidermosa is just as simple as it sounds. Cider, in this case alcoholic cider, replaces the classic sparkling wine. Crispin, the crisp, refreshing alcoholic cider, recommends a half and half combination, half Crispin Original and half orange juice.

This swap adds a brightness to the mimosa. Since the Crispin original has notes lemon and lime, the blending of citrus flavors makes for a delightful sip. The combination of flavors adds a nuance to the traditional mimosa.

While Crispin’s cidermosa is delightful, this idea sparked a conversation around the brunch table, what other cider-infused cocktail versions could be created to bring out other fall flavors.

For a really bold, fall apple flavor, another option could be to switch the orange juice for apple cider. The double apple flavor could be a twist that pairs wonderfully with an apple cider doughnut or even some apple pancakes. Plus, the hint of citrus keeps the cocktail from being too sweet.

Additionally, a double apple infused cocktail could make a lovely choice with a fall cheese plate. Apples and cheese pair well together. Just think of a creamy brie or a sharp cheddar with this bubbly, apple forward cocktail. This cocktail idea shows that a mimosa isn’t just for brunch.

If you aren’t a mimosa person, other Crispin beverages channel fall flavors. While apples are associated with fall, pears are another delightful fall fruit.

The Crispin Pearsecco is bright yet tart. Leading with the idea of what grows together goes together, consider pairing the Pearsecco with fall apple pie or a pecan pie. It could be the perfect end to a fall evening.

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Could be sip on a cidermosa this weekend? What is your favorite fall cocktail?