Most popular Halloween foods are far from scary, really


Ever wonder what are the most popular Halloween foods that people eat on that spooky day? Instead of being spooky, these foods are quite common.

While the kids get excited for all that Halloween candy, the most popular Halloween foods might have you wondering where’s the spooky factor. Although people might want their costume to frighten, their food choices are much safer. So, what are people eating?

According to Grubhub, the five most popular foods Halloween foods are:

"Vampire TacoUpside-down pizzaMeat PizzaRibsEverything pizza"

Now, it can be assumed that people order the vampire taco because of the name. Although there isn’t a clear description what a vampire taco really is, it is probably spicy. Most likely it doesn’t include garlic, either.

While the vampire taco has a fun name, the other foods are consistent with traditional Halloween food trends. Pizza is, and has been, a top choice for everyone. In some ways, the convenience factor is the biggest reason for the pizza popularity.

Even 7-Eleven has found that its “number one day for selling whole pizzas” is Halloween. According to the brand, “7-Eleven sold more than 181,000 pies on Halloween night alone” in 2018.

Proving that 7-Eleven is more than just a place to grab your favorite Slurpee, the whole pizza is an easy, convenient dinner for many families. Kids need something quick and easy before heading out to collect all those sweet treats. The local 7-Eleven might be the stop on the way home from school or work. It makes a lot of sense.

To help all those buys people getting ready for Halloween, 7-Eleven is offering a huge deal. On both October 31 and November 1, customers can get Buy One Get One free pizza deal. Available in store, the cost is $7 for two large pizzas.

Or, if you prefer to get delivery, the 7NOW delivery app offers $3 large pizzas. Just make sure that those trick or treats don’t take that pizza delivery.

These Halloween pizza deals are available via the 7Rewards membership app.

With only a few more days till Halloween, everyone better be sure that the costumes are ready, the candy bowl is stocked and dinner is ready. If you are looking for an easy, convenient option, put pizza on the top of the list.

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What is your quick and easy Halloween dinner? Do you think the most popular Halloween foods need to be spookier?