7-Eleven launches nationwide beer delivery, ready to crack one open?


7-Eleven expands its popular 7NOW app with its newest service, beer delivery. Are you ready for a cold one delivered to your door?

7-Eleven has been a leader in convenience shopping. As it expands its 7NOW app, the retailer wants to offer the ultimate in convenience, home beer delivery. With the expansion of nationwide beer delivery, the convenience factor has gotten even greater.

With Cinco de Mayo approaching, many people tend to celebrate. Of course, a good party never runs out of frosty, cold beer. With the 7NOW app, beer delivery is just a click away.

Looking at the 7NOW beer selection, there is an option for almost every beer drinker. From beers with mass appeal, like Coors Light, Budweiser and Miller Light to craft beers, like Voodoo Ranger, Dogfish Head and Brooklyn Defender, there is a beer that will quench a thirst.

Even options like Stella Artois and Michelob Ultra are on the list. A few ciders are included on the list. Basically, the selection is rather expansive.

The expansion into beer delivery is a popular topic. Previously, Pizza Hut expanded beer delivery options ahead of the Super Bowl. Grocery stores and Amazon offer all types of delivery options.

Consumers are looking for more convenience. Delivery services, including beer delivery, are becoming part of the norm. The reasons could be many.

In a way, people have busy lives. They want to be able to plan, buy and have purchases arrive when they want and need them. Companies need to offer those services or be left behind.

As a company known for being a leader in convenience, the 7NOW app captures both the shopping trend as well as continues the brand’s vision. While consumers are happy to stop in for their Slurpee, they are willing to expand those purchases to their home. It is a win for everyone.

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Are you ready to place your next beer order from the 7-Eleven and the 7NOW app? What’s your favorite beer to enjoy?