Odwalla Zero Sugar Smoothies, beverage innovation at its best


What can make an Odwalla beverage even more craveable? Odwalla Zero Sugar Smoothies is beverage innovation at its best and you need to take a sip.

Many people start their morning with Odwalla. With the new Odwalla Zero Sugar Smoothies, everyone can enjoy a delicious smoothie while staying within their eating choices. Are you ready to open a bottle?

Odwalla has always looked to be a beverage innovator. When the brand started in 1980, people weren’t necessarily thinking about a convenient, smoothie on the go the go. As consumers want more with their beverage options, the brand continues to evolve. From bold flavors to food trends, Odwalla continues to deliver what consumers want.

As seen with the Smoobucha launch earlier this year, the Odwalla finds ways to blend food trends with flavors that are approachable. This beverage introduced many people to a kombucha, but in a way that was more familiar.

While smoothies and juice drinks are popular, many people have concerns about the sugar in those beverages. Whether being calorie conscious or following a particular eating plan, some people might skip the smoothie because of the sugar.

The Odwalla Zero Sugar is one of the first zero sugar smoothies. The smoothie is made with “keto friendly ingredients” and is a “good source of protein.” Each beverage is “vegan, gluten free, contains 5 grams of plant protein and 3 grams of net carbs.”

Basically, this Odwalla smoothie checks off all the boxes. It gives various lifestyle choices an easy, grab and go smoothie that doesn’t compromise on flavor or taste. Overall, it is a huge win for everyone.

The Odwalla Zero Sugar comes in three flavors, Dark Choco-Berry, Strawberries & Cream and Vanilla Matcha. Looking at these three flavors, they are all very different yet have a wide appeal.

The Strawberries & Cream is the most approachable. It is a classic combination that should be well liked by young, old and everyone in between.

The Dark Choco-Berry could be a dessert replacement. This flavor combination almost sounds like dessert. It could be that perfect treat when someone is craving something sweet.

Lastly, the Vanilla Match is the most flavor forward. The combination of vanilla and matcha is smart. There is a hint of sweetness with the touch of matcha. It could be the most intriguing flavor combination of the new product launch.

Given the lower calorie and no sugar combination, these Odwalla beverages can be the perfect mid-day snack or even a just because drink. It could be that beverage option that doesn’t make you feel guilty after drinking.

The Odwalla Zero Sugar smoothies are available at various retailers.

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What do you think of this new Odwalla beverage? Could it become your new beverage obsession?