MasterChef Junior Live! heads back on tour and Malia Brauer wants you to go!


MasterChef Junior Live is fun for the whole family and it is a great chance to see Season 7 finalist Malia Brauer in action.

MasterChef Junior fans loved last season’s finalist, Malia Brauer. Now foodies and families can see her and other MasterChef Junior fan favorites in person during the 2020 MasterChef Junior Live! Tour. Are you ready to get your tickets to this culinary competition?

MasterChef Junior is one of the most popular cooking competitions on television. As foodies marvel at the culinary talents of these cooks, young, old and everyone in between have learned so much from this Gordon Ramsay led food show. Plus, who can’t help but laugh when the kids get to dump food on Gordon?

This culinary competition is popular not just for the cooking aspect but also because it brings people together. It is a show where all ages can have a conversation on likes, dislikes, experiences and how food can create lasting memories.

While watching MasterChef Junior on television is fun, seeing those favorite young chefs in person makes the whole experience more real. After a successful limited tour, MasterChef Junior Live is back on the road in 2020.

The MasterChef Junior 2020 tour will hit more than 40 new U.S. markets. Starting in March 2020, the tour begins in Rochester, New York ends in Kansas City, Missouri. With tickets on sale now, it could be the perfect holiday present for that aspiring chef or foodie family.

As part of the tour announcement, FoodSided was able to chat with Malia Brauer, MasterChef Junior Season 7 finalist and 2019 tour cast member.

Malia, MasterChef Junior Season 7 finalist, cooking during MasterChef Junior Live, photo provided by MasterChef Junior Live

Since Malia was so successful on MasterChef Junior, we had to ask about how this live version is similar to the television show that everyone loves. Malia commented that fans will feel like they are seeing a glimpse of what happens in this type of culinary competition.

For example, some challenges can involve a “mystery box” type challenge and often she really has to think on her feet. While every challenge isn’t necessarily a three-course meal, she does have to push herself on that stage. Still, having fun while cooking is the biggest part of the show.

As Malia proved on her season of MasterChef Junior, she isn’t afraid to go big, go bold and explore all types of flavors. From her impressive desserts to her global cuisine influence, Malia definitely believes in the just go for it attitude.

Seeing a younger cook who is willing to try new flavors and ingredients can help all cooks, of all ages, to push outside of their comfort zone. While the audience might be filled with fans and foodies, this tour is a great reminder that food is fun and nothing should be limited.

In a way, her Malia is a great example for both aspiring cooks and families. Sure, that plain, butter pasta is tasty, but a little tweaks here and there can make a huge difference. After all, what’s the worst thing that can happen, you have to start again.

During her season, Malia had a knack for baking. When asked if she preferred sweet versus savory cooking, she said that she liked both. She mentioned that the two areas seem to balance each other out. That type of attitude is a great reminder to any cook to never limit herself to one style of cooking.

Of course, Malia had some great mentors on MasterChef. She mentioned how nice and supportive Gordon and the other judges were on her season.

Additionally, she said how much fun the MasterChef Junior Live cast has cooking together. That fun transfers to the audience and the show becomes such an entertaining experience.

With more and more kids looking to get in the kitchen and cook, Malia suggests that everyone, both young and old, to just go for it. Positivity and a willingness to try can go a long way.

And, sometimes having a little reminder to keep pushing forward can be helpful. Just like in her season, Malia wears her signature bandanna on stage. It is her personal reminder to just do it.

While Malia has had some amazing culinary opportunities, she would love to meet (and maybe cook) with some celebrity chefs and culinary legends. Of course, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot are on her list. Just like every cook, she is always looking to learn something new in the kitchen.

The biggest takeaway from talking to Malia is her enthusiasm about food and cooking. That attitude can inspire foodies, families and everyone to make some memories in the kitchen and around the table.

The MasterChef Junior Live Tour 2020 kicks off on March 3, 2020 at the Kodak Center Theatre in Rochester, New York. Tickets are available online at

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MasterChef Junior fans and foodies it is time to get inspired. MasterChef Junior Live is hitting the road and your culinary journey is just starting.