Celebrate veggies! Universal Orlando’s best vegetarian dishes can convert carnivores


From vegetarians to flexitarians, theme park guests crave vegetarian dishes. Universal Orlando’s best vegetarian dishes will have you celebrating plant-based foods.

Today’s theme park menus have evolved greatly. Universal Orlando’s best vegetarian dishes showcase culinary creativity in the plant-based food movement. As the vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian lifestyle continues to grow, theme parks, including Universal Orlando Resort, are adapting to those changes. More importantly, Universal’s culinary team is delivering food choices that impress even the most ardent carnivore.

Throughout Universal Orlando Resort, the chefs are always willing to work with guests. Even the vegetarian menus can be modified for guests, if they choose.

The biggest take away from Universal Orlando Resort vegetarian dishes is that each one is quite satisfying. From modifying traditional recipes to creating new ones, even the most ardent meat lover will enjoy these tasty bites.

Here are FoodSided’s recommendations for Universal Orlando’s best vegetarian dishes.

Chick’n & Avocado Sandwich at Burger Digs, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

Chick’n & Avocado Sandwich

At several locations throughout Universal Orlando Resort, a Chick’n & Avocado Sandwich is offered. Using plant-based Gardein Chick’n, this sandwich is an absolute delight. With Follow Your Heart American Cheese, the plant-based sandwich is quite satisfying. You won’t even feel guilty about eating those fries.

The Chick’n & Avocado Sandwich is available at Mel’s Drive-In, Burger Digs, and Bambu at Volcano Bay.

The Mummy at Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Café

Many people who follow a vegetarian or flexitarian lifestyle understand the versatility of jackfruit. The Mummy highlights the flavor and satisfying nature of jackfruit.

The Mummy combines the jackfruit with crispy onions and crunchy slaw on a Kaiser bun. If you have never tried jackfruit, this menu item will make you a big believer.

Vegan Croissants

For the pastry lover, the idea of a vegan croissant might seem unlikely. A traditional croissant is filled with layer upon layer of butter. Those flakey, delicate layers make a good croissant great.

At Universal Orlando Resort, the chefs and bakers have found a way to make a vegan croissant even flakey than a traditional croissant. While the chefs will never reveal their secrets, these croissants will make anyone a firm believer in vegan baked goods.

The vegan croissants are available at the Today Café, San Francisco Pastry Co and Croissant Moon Bakery. There are both plain and an elderberry variety.

Also, the vegan croissant can be used in a pressed sandwich at San Francisco Pastry Co and Croissant Moon Bakery.

Plant-Based Penne Genovese at Lombard’s Seafood Grille, Universal Studios Florida, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

Pasta options

While a traditional plain pasta or even pasta with vegetables can be an option, Universal Orlando Resort offers other pasta dishes that are quite satisfying. From a plant-based Spaghetti Bolognese to a vegan sausage pasta, there are various options.

One of the most interesting vegetarian pasta dishes is Confisco Grille’s hummus and plant-based chipotle sausage with orzo. The Gardein Italian sausage crumbles are bursting with flavor. While there is a touch of heat, the spice isn’t overwhelming. You might want to put that chipotle pesto on everything.

Comfort foods

With a little cooking ingenuity, Universal Orlando’s best vegetarian dishes channel some of your favorite comfort foods. For example, the Burger Vegan Shepherd’s Pie at Finnegan’s is a delightful dish that completely satisfies like your grandma’s traditional version.

The same can be said of the vegan cheeseburgers at Burger Digs and the Beyond Burger at Kohola Reef Restaurant & Social Club. No one will feel left out just because they follow a plant-based lifestyle.

Cauliflower Steak at Bigfire, photo provided by Universal Orlando

Bring on the veggies

While vegetarian meals are often veggie forward, Universal Orlando Resort pushes the creativity level with the vegetable-focused dishes. One great example is the Cauliflower Steak at Bigfire. This dish is a wonderful example how the restaurant’s grills flavor dishes.

Also, the I<3 Vegan sandwich at the Today Café is a foodie dream. The roasted Portobello, peppers, carrots and sun-dried tomato pesto shows how layers of flavor build to the perfect bite. Plus, the cranberry artisan bread will make you come back for more.

These Universal Orlando’s best vegetarian dishes are FoodSided’s recommendations. There are many, many more dishes available through the theme parks, City Walk and resort hotels.

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Do you have a favorite vegetarian dish at Universal Orlando Resort? What should FoodSided try during our next visit?