Twinkies Cereal is coming to Walmart and you will want two boxes


Another iconic snack food has become a sweet cereal. Twinkies Cereal has come to Walmart and you might be having cereal for dessert.

Do you love that tasty, snack cake, Twinkies? Now that iconic snack has been transformed into Twinkies Cereal. Coming soon to Walmart, will you be prepared for this spoonful of sweet goodness?

Twinkies have long held a spot in the pop culture collective. For almost 90 years, the snack cake has been part of school lunches, afternoon snacks and even a inspired quest in Zombieland. Consumers are loyal to that iconic snack cake.

Additionally, Twinkies have evolved from that traditional golden cake with cream filling. Now there are chocolate, mint and a variety of other flavors. Still, the original Hostess sweet treat will always hold a special place in people’s snacking hearts.

The new Twinkies Cereal combines two aspects of the Hostess classic. First, each piece of cereal has that traditional Twinkies shape. Although little smaller to fit in that cereal bowl, everyone will instantly recognize the reference.

New Twinkies Cereal at Walmart, photo provided by Walmart

More importantly, the cereal’s flavor is that traditional iconic taste that everyone loves. Each and every bite is filled with that Twinkie goodness. Whether eaten with milk or straight from the cereal box, this new cereal could even become your new favorite late-night sweet treat.

This new cereal is part of the growing trend of bringing favorite snack foods to the cereal aisle. Over the past year, popular cookie brands, Honey Buns and Donettes have all be transformed into cereal form. In a way, cereal gives consumers that taste they crave with a little less guilt. Eating a bowl of cereal seems better than eating two bags of Donettes.

The Twinkies Cereal is set to hit Walmart’s store shelves in late December. A box is set to retail for $3.98.

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What do you think of this new Twinkies Cereal? Do you think that it will become your new cereal obsession?