Subway brought it back, Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread has returned


Craving some comforting, ultimate cheesy garlic bread? Subway has brought back the fan favorite and has even added a new option.

Sometimes you just want, ooey, gooey cheesy goodness. Subway understands and has brought back everyone’s favorite bread, the ultimate cheesy garlic bread. Are you hungry yet?

Over the past couple of months, Subway has added several new bread offerings to its sandwich line-up. From King’s Hawaiian to the Ciabatta collection, the brand understands that it needs to evolve and expand to remain fresh.

One of the most successful launches was its cheesy garlic bread. Launched last Valentine’s Day, that gooey, cheesy goodness was the perfect compliment to the meatball marinara. No one cared if there was a little messiness involved. The flavor combination was worth any potential spillage.

Just in time for the winter weather, when everyone is craving comfort food, Subway has brought back that cheesy garlic bread. The bread option will be available in three sandwiches, Ultimate Meatball Marinara, Ultimate Spicy Italian and new Ultimate Steak.

NEW! Ultimate Steak Sandwich from Subway, photo provided by Subway

According to Len Van Popering, Subway’s Chief Brand and Innovation Officer. “When we launched the Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread last year, our guests responded immediately, and we knew we had a hit on our hands. And, we’re excited to bring back this iconic sandwich, only now adding a new option featuring our savory Steak, taking the ultimate cheesy garlic flavor combination to even new heights.”

While the meatball and the spicy Italian sandwiches seem like logical flavor pairings, the savory steak is a hearty, robust flavor combination. The shaved steak, smothered in green peppers and red onions, is made even more tasty with the garlic herb butter spread and mozzarella on the bread. This bite is definitely satisfying.

In way, these sandwiches are the perfect on a blistery, winter day. The hearty bite just seems to satisfy more when it is cold. Just think about curling up on the couch and snuggling into that big, gooey sandwich.

The ultimate cheesy garlic bread sandwiches are available at participating restaurants until December 31. Given that people start eating lighter after the first of the year, maybe that reasoning contributes to the limited duration. Personally, it would be nice to see them stay around all winter long.

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What do you think of the return of Subway’s cheesy garlic bread and the three sandwiches? Do you want them to become a permanent menu item?