Tic Tac adds a refreshing way to connect with fans, can you Hear For It


Tic Tac might always be the refreshing mint, but that freshness isn’t just flavor based. Its newest Spotify partnership, Hear For It, is the multi-sensory experience fans crave.

For a half a century, Tic Tac has been part of people’s lives. From the burst of refreshment to a tang of fruity sweetness, that iconic mint has woven its way into the pop culture collective. While shaking the classic container might be its own iconic rhythm, fans use the fresh mint as their own personal expression, too.

This new partnership with Spotify seems to continue Tic Tac’s philosophy of engaging its fans beyond the flavor enjoyment. As seen at the iHeartMusic Festival earlier this year, the refreshing mint finds ways of bringing its fans together with experiences. Those meaningful relationships are as important to the brand as they are to the fans who enjoy the mints.

The Hear For It program is a way to engage fans who exhibit a fun and refreshing personality. Just like the percussionist music that shaking Tic Tacs can create, creating playlists on Spotify is an expression of a person’s refreshing personality.

Since Tic Tac is always looking for ways to shake things up, the interactive concert should be a way to engage both current fans and potential new fans in a multi-sensory experience. Today’s consumer is looking for ways to engage with brands. Whether it is wearing their favorite their favorite food or staying at themed-hotel, food is more than just sustenance on a plate.


In some ways, enjoying the refreshing mint is a multi-sensory journey itself. Everyone enjoys the mints differently. Whether eaten one at a time, a handful, chewing or just letting the mint dissolve, each method produces a different experience. Depending on your mood, every time can be different.

The same can be said about music. Some days, a song can evoke the happiest of memories while the same song might have a different effect the next week. Still, the connection that it creates is why it is so personal and lasts over time.

The Hear For It activation brings fans together this December with two concerts. First, Ella Vos will offer her smooth sounds, which reflect the refreshing mint side of the brand. While, the second performance by Surfaces brings the fruity vibrant side through the band’s rock vibe.

Again, the two different sides show that you can be both refreshing and fruity, depending on your mood for the day. Embracing who you are and celebrating it reflects the brand’s idea of embracing your own unique personality.

Everyone can listen to these playlists, Minty: Vol 1 – Sounds Refreshing and Fruity: Vol 2 – Sounds Delicious, on Spotify. A few lucky fans will be able to enjoy the multi-sensory experience in person this December.

This newest activation looks to be just the start for refreshing mint. What could Tic Tac be shaking up next? Fans will have to wait and see.

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Do you crave a deeper connection to your favorite brands? What do you think that Tic Tac should shake up next?