Coors Light holiday onesie is the ultimate holiday lounge wear


Looking for the ultimate holiday lounge wear to snuggle in while sipping your Coors Light? This holiday onesie will make you the envy of all your friends.

What can make the holidays brighter? The Coors Light holiday onesie is going to be your favorite outfit to wear while sipping away the holiday cares. Whether you were saving your special Jonas Brothers bottle for the holiday occasion, watching Hallmark movies all day long or just hiding from your in-laws, this holiday onesie is going to make the season merry and bright.

One of the biggest trends this holiday season is themed holiday wear. Food brands are showing up on sweaters, in front of the chimney and a variety of other places. It seems that food and beverages are more than just daily sustenance, they are the ultimate fan-ware.

The new Coors Light holiday onesie can be the perfect outfit for holiday cards, a Santa run or just lazy weekend lounge wear. While the brand says it is like wearing the Rockies, it looks everyone will be warm and comfy in this onesie.

From the hoodie to the snowflakes on the shoulder, it is cute holiday wear. Plus, the oversized onesie is great for him or her. While you might not want your boyfriend borrowing yours, you can totally steal his. Or better yet, get two and wear it to the holiday party. It is a lot more comfortable that that sparkly holiday dress.

Given the popularity of this holiday outfit, it will be curious to see if the Jonas Brothers wear one this holiday season. Since everyone knows how much the brothers love their Coors Light, this holiday onesie might be their way to stay warm and comfort on those cold tour nights.

The Coors Light holiday onesie sells for $30 when it is available.

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Would you want this holiday onesie under your tree? More importantly, do you want a six-pack of Coors Light gifted with it?