Whoppers for a year? Burger King Winter Whooperland is here


Looking for a whopper of a giveaway? Burger King Winter Whooperland game is here and the season is looking like a winner.

While you might have over spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Burger King is here to help make the rest of the holiday season merry and bright. The Winter Whopperland Instant Win Game and Sweepstakes has $100 million in prizes. Who wouldn’t want Whoppers for a year?

As everyone gets busy (or overwhelmed) during the holiday season, grabbing a quick bite is often the easiest choice. Even though the kids are supposed to be “good” for Santa’s nice list, that hungry whine could even make Mrs. Claus snap. Luckily, there is a drive through usually around the corner.

This new holiday giveaway from Burger King has a huge assortment of prizes to win. According to BK, some of the prizes include: “a trip to Costa Rica, a 2020 Jeep Renegade, a four-night stay at Beaches Resort, 50 inch TVs from Roku TV, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® PS4™Pro Bundles, free Redbox® rentals for a year, free Whoppers for a year.” Also, someone will win $35,000 cash.

While some people might wish for those gaming devices (and even cash), the Whoppers for a year is the real prize. Can you image having free food for a year? No more whining about what’s for dinner, I’m hungry or why can’t we stop for a Whopper. It is a busy parent’s dream.

Given that you can have it your way at BK, there is no worry that eating Whoppers for a year could become boring. From a traditional Whopper to the Impossible Whopper, there are numerous possibilities. Are you hungry yet?

Head over to Burger King and order a Small, Medium, or Large Drinks or order some fries for a chance to “reveal an instant win food prize or game play code.” What prize could be in your future?

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Would you want Whoppers for a year? What Winter Whopperland prize would you want to win?