Need a hangover cure? Vita Coco and Postmates have you covered


On January 1, many people might need a hangover cure. Luckily Vita Coco and Postmates will make the first day of the new year a lot more bearable.

What is your best hangover cure? While those New Year’s Eve celebrations are quite festive at the time, the day after can have many people feeling a little less peppy. Sometimes the right cure can set the day right.

January 1 is National Hangover Day. From the people who stayed up till the wee hours of the morning to those people who maybe overindulged just a bit too much, it makes sense that the first day of the year can be a little daunting.

One of the reasons why people suffer hangovers after a long night out is dehydration. While lots of water be a good start, coconut water, like Vita Coco, can be the boost that people need to start feeling better.

This year, Vita Coco and Postmates have partnered to create the ultimate hangover recovery kit. The ultimate hangover recovery kit features: “Vita Coco, Fresh egg and cheese sandwich from Lenwich, Face mask from Korean skin care brand Banila, Ibuprofen and other Vita Coco-branded merchandise.”

The Vita Coco is a great choice to help hydrate with electrolyte and nutrient-rich coconut water. Allison Finazzo, Brand Director for Vita Coco says, “not only does Vita Coco have the essential electrolytes you need to stay hydrated, but it’s also packed with potassium and magnesium to replenish your body after a night out celebrating the New Year.”

Partnering with Postmates makes this hangover recovery kit even more convenient. Anyone who might have over-indulged understands that leaving the house might not be the most appealing idea. Postmates offers that convenience that people crave.

For those people in New York City, Vita Coco and Postmates will be hosting a hangover recovery food truck in Soho on January 1. Starting at 10 a.m., the food truck will be hanging out Vita Coco and free breakfast sandwiches. The food truck will be located at Cleveland Place, between Kenmare St. and Spring St.

Staffed by Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour, Bachelor in Paradise’s newly engaged couple, will be on hand to hand out some hangover relief. What better way to start the first day of the new decade.

The hangover recovery kits will be available for pre-order on the Postmates app. For more details, please search for the Vita Coco National Hangover Day Recovery Kit on the app.

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Do you have a hangover cure that you recommend for the New Year? What are your plans to ring in the new decade?