Hangover cure: What can make last night’s over-indulgence better?


Need a hangover cure? A few proven methods can make that throbbing head, upset stomach and other ailments feel better after an over-indulgent night.

A hangover cure is often needed after a big, over-indulgent night. Whether it is New Year’s Eve parties or another big celebration, sometimes people drink one or two more cocktails than they should. Waking up the next morning can be a reminder that you might have pushed the limits too far.

While everyone seems to have that perfect hangover cure, a few key remedies have been proven to help. Of course, you could get an IV hydration and vitamin infusion or just not over imbibe in the first place. Still, for the normal person, a few proven tricks can make that day after a little more bearable.

If you already have a hangover, you probably didn’t follow the first rule, pace yourself or moderation. Generally a person can process one drink per hour. If you aren’t a big drinker, a big event isn’t the time to see how many or how fast that you can drink. Most celebrations are long. It be better to sip slowly and enjoy; definitely don’t slam and chug.

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Another key to preventing the dreaded hangover is to hydrate. Again, one of the easiest ways to feel better the next day is to drink water in between each cocktail or alcoholic beverage. The one for one scenario is always a good idea.

For the next day, plenty of water is a great start to getting the headache to subside. In addition to water, beverages like Pedialyte or sports drinks can help to re-hydrate after all the cocktails. Since alcohol dehydrates, it is important to increase more hydrating fluids. Even a glass of water prior to going to bed can be a good start to replenish.

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Even though your stomach might want you to pass, a good breakfast or meal can help to combat those bad feelings. Low blood sugar can associated with a hangover. Getting some food in your stomach can help combat all the extra acid that can occur when a person over indulges.

After the extra water and some good food, the next step is to get some rest. Sleep is often interrupted by alcohol. Even though you fall asleep quickly, the sleep is a sound or restful night. The extra rest can help your body recover from a long night.

Some people swear by certain supplements the morning after a big night of drinking. From prickly pear to ginger, there are many opinions on supplements helping hangover symptoms. Overall, many of these supplements help because they help to alleviate the hangover symptoms.

Lastly, don’t follow the idea of hair of the dog. While many people swear by this method, it is better to get all the alcohol out of your body. Introducing more alcohol into your system could only prolong those poor feelings.

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