PEEPS to pickles, 7 New Year’s Eve food drops to kick off the next decade


Forget the ball drop in Times Square, these seven New Year’s Eve food drops are the tasty way to kick of the next decade. Ready for a peak into the future?

As the glass of bubbles is raised in a toast, these New Year’s Eve food drops are a fun and festive way to ring in the New Year. While some ideas might be a traditional and others might be silly, foodies can get on board with these food drops. What will 2020 bring you?

Food and New Year’s Eve celebrations go hand in hand. From traditional foods that bring good luck cocktails to toast the upcoming year, the annual countdown is never without food and drink.

In some cities, food is a huge part of the annual celebration. While some cities have rising stars or ball drops, these New Year’s Eve food drops might be the touch of fun that everyone needs.

Here are FoodSided’s top New Year’s Eve food drops to kick off the next decade.

PEEPS Chick drop

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania celebrates the iconic PEEPS Chick with this special New Year’s Eve drop. A 400 pound, four feet nine inch PEEPS Chick will drop to welcome the new decade.

Since PEEPS are a family treat, the Chick drop will happen at 5:15 p.m. It is the highlight of PEEPSFEST, the two-day festival that celebrates the iconic PEEPS.

MoonPie over Mobile

Who doesn’t love a MoonPie? While this treat was part of the Apollo celebration earlier this year, this New Year’s Eve celebration is a huge event.

In addition to the 600 pound electric MoonPie dropping at midnight, the event features music and food trucks. It is a sweet way to ring in the New Year.

Big Cheese Drop, Plymouth, Wisconsin

Is 2020 going to be the big cheese? In Plymouth, Wisconsin, a big cheese drop welcomes the New Year. Considered the “Cheese Capital of the World,” this annual tradition is an epic way to celebrate the new decade.

Pickle drop in Mt. Olive, North Carolina

For 20 years, Mt. Olive, North Carolina has celebrated the pickle on New Year’s Eve. While the pickle might have been hidden on the Christmas tree, this celebration is all about the giant pickle. While the celebration might be a little briny, it is a lot of fun.

Potato drop, Boise, Idaho

It makes sense that Idaho celebrates the potato on New Year’s Eve. The potato drop in Boise might not be edible, but maybe the Idaho Potato Commission can make sure that there are some spuds going into the 2020.

Bunch of grapes, Temecula, California

If you thought that Wine Country would spill a glass of wine going into the New Year, think again. But, dropping a bunch of grapes is in order. These sparkling grapes will make everyone feel festive going into the New Year.

Bologna drop, Lebanon, Pennsylvania

While it might not be your favorite lunch meat, dropping 700 pound bologna on New Year’s Eve can be quite satisfying. Maybe this New Year’s Eve food drop could start a new food trend going into the new decade.

These New Year’s Eve food drops are just a small sample of the many festivities around the country. No matter how you celebrate, may 2020 be filled with tasty treats and much happiness.

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How are you celebrating New Year’s Eve? What are you expecting in the New Year?