Keep those eat fresh resolutions with Subway Fresh Values Menu

Subway Veggie Delight, photo provided by Subway
Subway Veggie Delight, photo provided by Subway /

Have you resolved to eat fresh this year? The Subway Fresh Values Menu and its new promotion can keep those resolutions on track.

As the New Year kicks off, the Subway Fresh Values Menu promotions are here to keep those eat fresh resolutions on track. With smart choices and cost savings, these special offers help everyone keep on track.

Smart eating choices do not have to come with total deprivation. Many people find that small changes can lead to lasting results. The Subway Fresh Values Menu offers the balance that many people enjoy. From smaller portions to more veggies, these menu choices can fit in various lifestyle choices.

To kick off the new year, Subway is offering a great promotion to keep those smart eating choices on track. The Fresh Values promotion features Sliders and two classic six-inch subs. Basically lunch or dinner is covered for almost a week. Who’s ready to start eating?

The Fresh Values promotion features the “Little Cheesesteak, Little Turkey, Italian Spice, or Ham & Jack slider” for just $1.89. The Subway sliders have become popular with guests. The smaller portions are great for when you don’t want a big 6-inch sub.

Subway Fresh Values Menu
Subway Turkey slider, photo provided by Subway /

Also, some people have used the sliders as a meal option when they can’t decide on just one flavor. Some days you want both the Little Cheesesteak and the Italian Spice. Given the smaller portion, you can have both.

With people looking to scale back or making smarter eating choices, the Subway sliders are a perfect option. Also, pairing a slider with some fresh fruit makes for a delightful, well balanced meal.

The other two items on the Fresh Values promotion are the “Oven Roasted Chicken and Veggie Delite six-inch subs.” These two subs are priced at $2.99.

These two menu items are part of the Subway Fresh Fit menu. Menu items with this designation contain “at least two servings of crisp veggies” and are “under 400 calories.”

With some people looking to be calorie conscious, these two subs are great choices. Plus, with the extra veggies, they are a great way to boost that daily vegetable intake. Everyone can always eat more vegetables.

The Subway Fresh Values Menu promotion is available for a limited time.

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Are you ready to resolve to eat fresh? Can Subway help you keep that resolution?