Hooters Unreal Wings, these Quorn chicken wings are the real deal

Hooters launches Unreal Wings in partnership with Quorn, photo provided by Hooters and Quorn
Hooters launches Unreal Wings in partnership with Quorn, photo provided by Hooters and Quorn /

Chicken wing lovers are not dreaming. Hooters Unreal Wings made with Quorn are hitting restaurants and meatless wings are a reality.

Are you ready for meatless wings? Hooters Unreal Wings, made with Quorn, are kicking the New Year with one of the biggest food trends. Meatless chicken wings are a reality and everyone will want to have a taste test.

While many meatless options have filled restaurant menus, a meatless chicken wing has yet to have its moment. With the rise of plant-based food lifestyle choices, this particular segment is the next to be transformed with a meatless option. These new meatless wings fill a void.

The Unreal Wings made with Quorn offer a “nutrient-rich protein source” that is “low in cholesterol and saturated fats.” Additionally, the meatless wings contain “non-GMO ingredients, are soy-free and are sustainably-produced.” The 100% vegetarian food are not considered vegan because it does contain animal byproducts (like eggs and milk).

Hooters has always been known for its chicken wings. Beyond the iconic Hooters girls, those chicken wings entice guests time after time.

Over the years, the brand has evolved its menu to keep up with food trends. From the bolder sauce flavors to the addition of smoked wings, the new menu items keep Hooters fresh and relevant.

Hooters Unreal Wings
Hooters unveils Unreal Wings, made with Quorn, photo provided by Hooters and Quorn /

By adding the Unreal Wings made with Quorn, Hooters found a way to embrace the plant-based food movement. While these meatless wings bring the Hooters flavors that guests want, they do not stray too far from the classic chicken wings. From favorite sauces to the tasty dry rubs, all those classic Hooters flavors can be used with these meatless wings.

Carl Sweat, Chief Marketing Officer or Hooters of America,  said, “by partnering with Quorn, we were able to create the taste, texture and crispiness of our world-famous chicken wings perfectly.” That concept is key for these Unreal Wings to become popular. A guest shouldn’t have to compromise just because he wants a meatless option.

As the plant-based food category continues to grow, more and more options will become available. Still, the key factor is to offer the same satisfaction as the traditional meat option. If the Hooters girls could not tell the difference between the real and the unreal wings, Hooters has a winner on its hands.

The Hooters Unreal Wings will be available in 318 Hooters restaurants across the United States. They will be available in a 6 piece and 10 piece option. More information on this new menu offering can be found on the Hooters website.

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Are you ready to taste test the Hooters Unreal Wings? It looks like a meatless chicken wing is part of Hooters reality.