Nesquik unveils its first non-dairy product, welcome GoodNes

Nesquik GoodNes, Oat Milk, photo provided by Nesquik
Nesquik GoodNes, Oat Milk, photo provided by Nesquik /

Nesquik has been a staple in many families. As food trends evolve, GoodNes looks to embrace the plant-based food movement.

Growing up, Nesquik was the chocolate milk that was in the fridge, lunch box and even an after sports practice treat. While the brand has expanded its flavors to include Strawberry, Vanilla and Banana, that delicious, rich chocolate taste instantly brings smiles.

While a traditional Nesquik beverage is a great choice, many people are moving towards a plant-based way of eating. From adding more protein to reducing sugar, plant-based eating can help to achieve those goals. Given the food trends, the iconic brand is ready to incorporate those consumer wants.

GoodNes is the brand’s first non-dairy product line. Although a plant-based beverage, the drink offers the same, classic chocolate taste that people crave. It could be time to take a taste test.

The chocolate Oat Milk beverage is a blend of oat + pea protein. Each serving contains 6 grams of plant-based protein.

Additionally, this beverage has “40% less sugar than regular chocolate almond milk.” The non-dairy beverage is gluten free, contains “no GMO ingredients, no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.”

The new GoodNes seems to represent a bigger trend in the beverage industry. As the plant-based food options take over store shelves, classic brands need to embrace the trends. It appeals as much to the healthy eating option as well as an introduction to the trend.

In some ways, people who might not instantly choose an oat milk might try GoodNes because it is a trusted brand that they know. Where a person might be wary of trying oat milk, the Nesquik label gives the consumer a level of trust. Whether the GoodNes is a sometimes beverage or replaces a dairy option, it offers the familiar flavors that consumers crave.

The new GoodNes, Nesquik Chocolate Oat Milk, will be available in 46 ounce bottles. The new beverage will be available nationwide later this month. Some locations include select Stop & Shop, Hy-vee, Jewel, Wakefern and Safeway stores.

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Are you excited to try the GoodNes, Nesquik Chocolate Oat Milk? Are you looking for more plant-based food options?