Can the Ray Finkle curse finally be broken, please?

Ray Finkle party at KUSH, photo provided by KUSH
Ray Finkle party at KUSH, photo provided by KUSH /

The name Ray Finkle send shivers down the spine of the Miami Dolphin fans. KUSH wants to break that curse, if everyone can just be forgiven.

Ray Finkle had just one request, laces out. While that request seemed reasonable, it lead to the “Dolfans” (Miami Dolphins Fans) to be cursed for a long, long time. KUSH, the burger and beer hotspot in Wynwood, wants to lift that curse. Ready for the “Please Forgive Us Ray Finkle” party on February 1?

Now, if the name Ray Finkle didn’t instantly pop to mind, it is a pop culture reference. The iconic Ace Ventura: Pet Detective movie featured a former player, Finkle, who went after Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphin mascot. Filmed in and around Miami, the Jim Carey movie is legendary.

But, have you noticed that the Miami Dolphins have been in a slump ever since that movie was out? Some people may think that the “laces out” curse has doomed the Dolphins and their opportunity to return to the Super Bowl (or just have a good season).

With Super Bowl LIV being held in Miami, KUSH thought it was the perfect time to hold the “Please Forgive Us Ray Finkle” party. The free event will be held on February 1 at 3:05 p.m. The idea is to give some respect to that poor kicker and hopefully, Finkle will lift the Dolfans curse.

The event will feature many nods to the iconic movie and character. From recreating Finkle’s bedroom to some laces out football cookies, it is a fun event for all the football fans in town for the Big Game.

Since KUSH is known for its impeccable craft beer selection, Tank Brewing has brewed a special beer for the event. “Laces Out” will be on tap and a portion of the craft beer sales will be donated to Dolphin Research Center.

While there are numerous events all around Miami for the Big Game, the KUSH event is a fun twist on the football fun. This event is just one example of the pop culture references that KUSH Hospitality is known for.

Hopefully, Ray Finkle will finally forgive all those Dolfans and maybe next season will be a better one.

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What fun event are you most excited about during the Super Bowl LIV week?