Give your favorite recipes a superfood boost with quinoa

Quinoa Tacos, photo provided by Ancient Harvest
Quinoa Tacos, photo provided by Ancient Harvest /

Looking for a superfood boost? Quinoa recipes can offer a big nutritional boost for all types of lifestyle choices, including twists on your favorite recipes.

Whether it is a healthy eating resolution or a lifestyle choice, quinoa recipes can be the flavorful, healthy option to revamp some favorite recipes. As food trends evolve, traditional recipes are changing. While people often focus on bold flavors, adding a superfood boost can be a healthy option.

Quinoa has become more popular over the years. Considered to be a superfood, the protein offers nine essential amino acids. These components are considered important for good health.

Additionally, quinoa is a good source of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. For many people, adding quinoa to their diets is a tasty and good for them option.

Over the years, more and more people are looking to boost protein and to reduce their carbs. Since Quinoa offers more protein and fiber than white rice, it has become a better choice for many people.

Given the rise in popularity, quinoa recipes have become quite popular. Many people have found ways to use quinoa as a rice replacement.

Recently, Ancient Harvest has shared some creative, tasty quinoa recipes that revamp favorite rice-centric dishes.

quinoa recipes
Quinoa Paella, photo provided by Ancient Harvest /

One very interesting recipe swap is a quinoa paella. A really good paella is rich, textured, flavorful dish. While rice is the backdrop to seafood, chicken and sausage, a quinoa swap offers a lovely superfood boost.

Without losing the integrity of the iconic dish, Ancient Harvest suggests a vegan paella recipe on its website. Vibrant from the saffron and filled with nutrition from all the vegetables, this recipe is a wonderful choice for a flexitarian or vegetarian. The depth of flavor is delightful.

The paella recipe is just one of many ingredient swaps. From tacos to sushi, the options are many. In many cases, quinoa can be used in several rice-centric dishes.

Even if these recipes are just sometimes options, the recipe can inspire more cooking creativity. Whether used for the nutritional boost, eating choices or just because, a few tasty quinoa recipes are always good to have on hand.

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Are you looking for more quinoa recipes? Have you made the quinoa swap in some of your favorite recipes?