College Football Championship menu: Who wins the tasty title?

College Football Championship game food choices, Team inspired pizzas, photo Matthew Noel for Centerplate
College Football Championship game food choices, Team inspired pizzas, photo Matthew Noel for Centerplate /

As Clemson prepares to battle LSU in the National Championship game, Centerplate has created the ultimate college football championship menu offerings for the big game. Are you ready to feast?

While the ultimate outcome of the National Championship is the reason why Clemson and LSU football fans are watching the big championship game, Centerplate and its culinary team has created a special college football championship menu that worthy of the culinary championship crown. Whether you have put your support behind one team or another, the delicious dishes score a win for everyone in attendance. Are you ready to grab a fork?

The sold out National Championship game presents a huge undertaking for Centerplate and its culinary team. For example, the stadium is prepared to serve 3,500 pounds of shrimp just on Monday night alone. That number is over three times the average amount of shrimp for a NFL game. It seems that these college football fans are hungry.

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome always delivers delicious dishes for the New Orleans Saints during the football season, the Centerplate team took inspiration from the two college teams to create some special dishes that both college fans and football lovers will appreciate. While casting a popularity vote with their fork may not determine the ultimate champion on the field, this college football championship menu is definitely a winner on all accounts.

Here are some of the highlights.

Team-inspired pizzas

For fans loyal to their team, the two team-inspired pizzas are a delicious option. The Clemons Tiger Pizza features barbecue chicken, caramelized peaches, and mozzarella and cheddar cheese. The flavor combination is a touch of sweet with a little bit of bite, just like Clemson.

The Bayou Pizza for LSU fans brings the flavors of the bayou to the pizza. With shrimp, gator and crawfish, it is far from a typical pizza offering. Add some creole tomato sauce, the classic trinity and a touch of cheese, these pizza almost sounds like a gumbo.

If FoodSided had to pick a pizza winner, the nod goes to the Bayou Pizza. How often do you get these flavors and toppings on a pizza.

College football championship menu
College Championship Game food options, photo provided by Matthew Noel for Centerplate /

Team-inspired grill items

Any good Southerner knows that pimento cheese makes any chicken sandwich better. The Clemson Pimento Cheese Grilled Chicken Sandwich is a must try. Maybe if you ask nicely, they will add some extra pimento cheese.

The LSU Tiger Burger offers some unusual flavor combinations. The housemade jam is described as “cajun, onion, bacon, and Dr Pepper.” Combining all those flavors together is definitely worth a taste test.

For FoodSided, the winner goes to the Clemson Pimento Cheese Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Pimento cheese is always a must.

College Championship menu items
College Championship Game nachos, photo provided by Matthew Noel for Centerplate /

While the team-inspired menu items will get all the attention, Centerplate is serving some Bayou specialties, too. From BBQ shrimp & grits to Stadium nachos, there are a variety of locally inspired options that will tempt anyone away from that New Year’s Resolution.

In the end, the outcome on the field will crown one champion, but everyone in attendance is a winner with all these delicious dishes. Just remember to plan your eating wisely, so you get to sample all these delicious dishes.

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Do you look forward to the special dishes at a big game? What is the best food that you have eaten at a football stadium?