Bagel trends: Are favorite flavors going more savory or sweet?

National Bagel Day Trends, photo provided by Grubhub
National Bagel Day Trends, photo provided by Grubhub /

While the classic bagel might be a breakfast staple, bagel trends are showing some different flavors making their way to the breakfast plate.

Bagels are always a warm, chewy tasty bread. As bagel trends evolve, that only bread to be boiled is far from boring. Although what people put on bagels is constantly changing, a few flavor trends might surprise even the foodie in your life. Do these favorite flavors sound more like dessert or dinner?

In honor of National Bagel Day, Grubhub has compiled some interesting bagel trends. While New Jersey might order more bagels than New York, the majority of Americans love their everything bagel. That flavor seems to offer the versatility that people crave. From bagel sandwich to just adding a smear, that everything bagel always delivers.

Although some classic flavors never go out of style, Grubhub found that some bagel trends are going in a different flavor direction. In many ways, these flavors tend to be sweeter.

According to Grubhub, the trendiest bagel flavors are: “1. French toast, 2. Blueberry, 3. Garlic, 4. Pumpernickel and 5. Sesame seed.”

Looking at the top five flavor trends, French toast is an interesting choice for the top spot. While this flavor would be delightful with some butter, it could offer a nice sweet/savory combination for a breakfast sandwich. If bacon and French toast are tasty, why not add an egg to the mix?

As for the other flavors, it seems that savory is definitely coming into play. Although pumpernickel might not be the most common flavor, the robust dark bread is quite tasty.

Pumpernickel goes well with cream cheese, tomato and onion. Also, it could be a nice way to change up that avocado toast recipe.

In a way the savory bagel trends might show that more and more people are opting to use bagels as a replacement to traditional sandwich bread. The crisp and chewy texture can be nice contrast to regular bread.

While many people are drawn to bagel sandwiches for breakfast, the bagel doesn’t have to be just a breakfast food. For example, that garlic bagel could be transformed into a mini pizza. The possibilities are many.

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What do you think of these bagel trends? What is your favorite bagel flavor?