Magnum Ruby Minis, ice cream treats are bright in color and flavor

Magnum Ruby Minis, featuring Ruby cacao, photo provided by Magnum
Magnum Ruby Minis, featuring Ruby cacao, photo provided by Magnum /

The pretty pink color might entice the eyes, but the Magnum Ruby Minis are the sweet treats that will have ice cream and chocolate fans returning bite after bite.

A small bite can pack a flavor punch. The Magnum Ruby Minis are the sweet treat that ice cream and chocolate fans have been craving. After one taste, you will definitely be tickled pink.

Magnum Ice cream has always been a delectable treat. The smooth, rich ice cream with the decadent chocolate makes for the ultimate frozen treat. While Magnum has created a variety of frozen treats, from tubes with chocolate bits throughout to the classic bars, there has been a flavor to tempt everyone.

The newest frozen treat to join the line-up is the Magnum Ruby Minis. While the striking pink color is stunning, one bite will surprise you even more. Are you ready for a taste test?

A couple of years ago, Ruby cacao, was discovered. Joining milk, dark and white chocolate, the fourth chocolate has a very distinct taste. While the bright pink color is the obvious trait, the flavor is fruit, specifically berry, forward. Although still sweet, the fruitness finishes each bite.

While Ruby has been used in some candies and desserts, this ice cream bar is the first national ice cream brand to incorporate Ruby. Since this pink chocolate has a distinct flavor, Magnum choose to pair it with a sweet ice cream.

Given the brightness of the berry flavor, the sweet cream ice cream offers the balance that this frozen treat needs. This ice cream flavor makes both the ice cream and the Ruby chocolate shine. It keeps the sweet treat from becoming too heavy.

While the frozen treat starts slightly sweet, the bite finishes with the berry. Although never tart, the brightness leaves you feeling satisfied with the mini bar portion.

In a way, the combination of flavors is perfect for the mini bars. These frozen treats are best enjoyed with smaller size. The flavors are meant to be savored and enjoyed, not overly consumed.

Since some people might not have had the opportunity to taste Ruby before, the Magnum Ruby Minis are a great introduction. Of course, many people will want to try it for the experience.

Others will want to try it just for the bright pink color. Just think of the Valentine’s Day dessert options. No matter the reason, consumers will want keep a box in the freezer for an any time treat.

The Magnum Ruby Minis are available at select retailers and will be available grocery stores nationwide starting in February. The suggested retail price for a 6-pack box is $4.99.

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Are you wanting to try Magnum Ruby Minis? Are you enticed by the color or the flavor?