NFC or AFC: Support your division with these NFL themed hot dogs

League Dog at 2020 Pro Bowl, photo provided by Levy
League Dog at 2020 Pro Bowl, photo provided by Levy /

Even if your favorite team didn’t make the Super Bowl, everyone can support their favorite division with NFL themed hot dogs, let the best dog prevail.

As the AFC prevailed over the NFC at the 2020 Pro Bowl, there was another battle brewing at Camping World Stadium. The talented chefs from Levy created NFL themed hot dogs for the special occasion. If you aren’t pulling for either the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs, why not put support behind your favorite division. These NFL themed hot dogs could be your perfect game day snack.

After the 2020 Pro Bowl, Levy, the hospitality partner at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, shared the three themed hot dogs that were a huge hit at the celebration of the best NFL players. While it is difficult to choose a “hot dog winner,” everyone won with these tasty choices.

The National Hot Dog celebrated some of the favorite foods from the NFC’s biggest teams. It was described as “All-beef hot dog, served topped with Philly cheesesteak, New Orleans andouille sausage, peppers, onions and Green Bay cheese curds.”

Thinking about this hot dog, it is a lot of flavors packed into a single bite. Although not dragged through the garden, it is a hearty bite. With multiple meats and cheese curds, there have better been an icy cold one to wash it all down.

NFL Themed hot dogs
National Dog at Pro Bowl 2020, photo provided by Levy Restaurants /

The American Hot Dog was an exploration of barbecue flavors. It was described as “All-beef hot dog, served topped with Kansas City 12-hour smoked BBQ brisket, Tennessee dry rubbed pulled pork, Buffalo pulled chicken, blue cheese, cheddar cheese and crispy onions.”

This hot dog definitely needed a fork. It was overflowing with toppings. From all the barbecue to the multiple cheeses, it was definitely a triple napkin meal.

NFL themed hot dogs
America Dog at 2020 Pro Bowl, photo provided by Levy /

For those fans who couldn’t pick a side, not to worry, there was a League Hot Dog. That option combined both the American and the National Hot Dog toppings on a single hot dog. To say that this idea was the ultimate frankenfood is an understatement.

While the Pro Bowl has passed, everyone can recreate these NFL themed hot dogs at home for Sunday’s Super Bowl watching parties. Maybe a hot dog bar with the various toppings could serve as a predictor of the game’s ultimate outcome.

If you are just routing for the commercials, maybe the party host can sneak in a plant-based brat for an alternative option. Or, maybe those people will just eat all the Super Bowl snacks throughout the game.

When it comes to football watching parties, the food often takes center stage. The biggest party hack is to remember to keep the food easy to eat. No one wants to struggle, potentially spill or miss a big moment because they were distracted by the food.

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Which NFL themed hot dog gets your food vote? What is your ultimate hot dog topping?