Beyond Sausage: Your sausage bun is ready for a change


Move over Beyond Burger, the Beyond Sausage wants space on the grill. Are you ready to taste this new sausage?

The Beyond Burger has surprised many people. Building on the Beyond Meat’s successes, the brand is ready to expand to another favorite grilling food. The Beyond Sausage is here. Are your sausage buns ready?

More and more people are looking to replace traditional meat products with vegetarian alternatives. From added health benefits to being eco-friendly, the 100% plant based products have resonated with today’s new food conscious consumers. Since these plant based products offer a meat texture, appearance and flavor, more people are willing to replace traditional meat products with these plant based alternatives.

Beyond Sausage, photo from National Restaurant Association 2018 FABI Awards

Named as the National Restaurant Association’s 2018 FABI Award Recipient, Beyond Sausage comes in three flavors. The flavors are Original Bratwurst, Sweet Italian and Hot Italian. These plant-based sausages offer the same texture and flavor as traditional sausages, which make them a great pork sausage substitute.

Similar to traditional, grilled pork sausage, these sausages seem to be best served whole, in a bun. It is unclear if these sausages plumb and expand like traditional sausages, but it sounds like they do. As long as the bite is plump and juicy, these sausages should satisfy like their pork counterpart.

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Made from peas, fava and rice, the sausage can work on its own as well as dressed up with lots of toppings. From the traditional German mustard on a brat to onions and peppers on an Italian, the plant based sausage works with the condiments, just like a traditional pork sausage. A side by side taste test is a fun challenge. This product can show that good for you foods can have an appealing taste and texture.

It would interesting to know if the plant-based sausage could be cooked out of the casing. Cut up sausage pieces could be used in a variety of recipes, but it still retains the casing. The ability to cook this alternative sausage in a loose form would be helpful. For example, recipes like lasagna or hash could have a plant-based sausage makeover. It isn’t clear if this sausage can be cooked without its casing.

Beyond Meat has several meat alternative offerings. As demand for this product grows, it would be expected that the company will continue to broaden its lines. A loose sausage and a breakfast sausage option would be an interesting addition. Truthfully, the company has numerous ways to grow the brand.

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Are you ready to replace pork sausage with Beyond Sausage? Why not give the plant-based alternative a try at least once. What do you have to lose?