Skittles turns your beloved into art for Valentine’s Day

Skittles Dips Valentine's Day promo.. Image Courtesy Skittles
Skittles Dips Valentine's Day promo.. Image Courtesy Skittles /

Looking to express your true love for Valentine’s Day? Skittles is here to turn that your special someone into the sweetest work of art.

This Valentine’s Day, why just give your love Skittles when you can transform them into a beautiful rainbow work of art. With this special, once in a lifetime sweet offer, your special someone can be transformed into the sweetest work of art. Are looking for the ultimate Valentine’s Day present?

These custom pieces of sweet art are inspired by the new Skittles Dips. While these custom, 3D printed busts are not edible, they are pretty sweet. Who wouldn’t want to see herself transformed into the sweet rainbow?

According to Skittles, the limited edition, once in lifetime, custom busts will be available on the brand’s Etsy store. The sale begins on Friday, January 31 at 10 a.m. EST. The cost is $20.20. The Valentine’s Day gifts are guaranteed for Valentine’s Day delivery.

Of course, these special Valentine’s Day presents are available on a first come, first served basis. There is a limit of one per customer, so you can’t have your whole family turned into a tasty rainbow.

Skittles Valentine's Day
Skittles Dips Valentine’s Day promo.. Image Courtesy Skittles /

This Valentine’s Day promotion is meant to be silly. This brand has never taken itself too seriously (remember last year’s Super Bowl commercial?). It is a fun way to get people thinking outside of the traditional candy box for Valentine’s Day.

While it is hard to predict, these busts will probably sell out quite quickly. Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is always difficult. In a way, being unique and a little funny could endear yourself to your significant other for a long time.

The biggest key to remember with this gift is the picking the right color. If you don’t know your significant other’s favorite Skittles flavor, it is best to ask. There could be nothing worse than picking purple only to find out that she loves red. It might be good to do some research before the busts go on sale.

If you decide to order one of these Skittles busts, let FoodSided know and share a picture with #FoodSided. We can’t wait to see what these tasty rainbow busts look like.

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