Say it with heart: Best heart shaped Valentine’s Day candy


What better way to share the love than with the best heart shaped Valentine’s Day candy. What are you going to say with a heart this year?

Hearts and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. The best heart shaped Valentine’s Day candy is the perfect way to spread a little love to someone special in your life. Whether it is your special love, a great friend or just someone you want to know better, those heart shaped sweet treats top those gift lists. What will you be giving this year?

In the past couple of years, those classic conversation hearts have had to make way for other heart shaped candies. While that red heart shaped box of Russel Stover chocolates might be a classic, there are many other candy options as well. From the popular sour candies to gigantic chocolate treats, someone could make a huge basket of heart shaped Valentine’s Day candy.

If all these Valentine’s Day candies have you a little overwhelmed, don’t fret. FoodSided has its recommendations for the best heart shaped Valentine’s Day candy. Here are the sweet treats that FoodSided is giving this Valentine’s Day.

Reese’s Hearts

Can anyone ever go wrong with a Reese’s? The heart-shaped candies for Valentine’s Day are a great choice for anyone on your gift list. Whether you give one to everyone or a big basket to someone special, it might be a great choice to stock up. Why not have a few extra hearts to give all month long.

Sour Punch Hearts

Who said that sour isn’t sweet? The big punch of flavor in these Sour Punch heart candies will have you puckering up for Valentine’s Day. Whether you give small conversation heart package to a friend or share a big bag with someone special, these sour and sweet candies definitely bring the pucker, if you can handle it.

Jolly Rancher Jelly Hearts

Who doesn’t love a Jolly Rancher? For Valentine’s Day, the Jolly Rancher Jelly Hearts are a treat for a big group of friends. Each bag has cherry, strawberry and watermelon flavors. The classic flavors and Valentine’s Day colors are a perfect way to celebrate the day of love.

Ferrero Rocher Gigantic Heart

While a golden wrapped Ferrero Rocher is always delicious, the Gigantic Heart Ferrero Rocher is perfect heart shaped Valentine’s Day candy. Whether you eat it all by yourself or share with your special someone, this Valentine’s candy is the sweetest treat.

Ring Pop Heart Shaped Pops

Want to put a ring on it for Valentine’s Day? The Ring Pop Heart Shaped Pops are a great way to say I love you. While it might not be the biggest sparkler from the jewelry store, but it is a fun sweet treat for the holiday. Hopefully the relationship lasts longer than the enjoyment of the Ring Pop.

Sam’s Choice Heartbreak and Gavel

If you are feeling a little less romantic this Valentine’s Day, maybe the Sam’s Choice Heartbreak and Gavel is a great choice. Why not break that chocolate heart into a bunch of little pieces. A little cathartic and quite tasty, this Valentine’s Day candy treat is a good one.

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What do you think are the best heart shaped candies for Valentine’s Day? Are you wanting Valentine’s Day candy this year?