Time to get cheesy – Cheez Balls adds four new flavors


Do you love Cheez Balls? PLANTERS is adding four new flavors of the popular cheesy, crunchy snack. Do you think Baby Peanut approves?

Move over chips and dip. Cheez Balls, everyone’s favorite 90s snack, is adding four new flavors for 2020. While the classic cheese flavor is always tasty, these four new flavors offer some bold choices. Do you think that Baby Peanut is ready to get snacking on these PLANTERS snacks?

During the 90s, everyone loved Cheez Balls. Last year, the classic snack made a triumphant come back to many people’s delight. From celebrity chef inspired dishes to just having those classic canisters on store shelves, snackers are happy.

While the 90s inspired snacks are having a moment, PLANTERS is taking this fan favorite snack to a new level. The four new flavors for 2020 really incorporate snacking trends. While the flavors are rolling out periodically, everyone will want to get a taste test.

Available now, the two new flavors are White Cheddar and Nacho Cheez Balls. The white cheddar is a classic option for cheesy snack fans. It is subtle flavor, but still satisfies.

The Nacho flavor is a fun choice for the snack. While nacho flavors are typically on a tortilla chip, the nacho on a puffy ball is quite tasty. Also, there could be all types of snacking combinations with this flavor option.

Coming in April 2020, the Blazin’ Hot flavor will take snacking to the new level. Spicy snacks are definitely having a moment. This flavor should definitely bring the heat, but it shouldn’t be too overwhelming.

Lastly, Jalapeno Cheddar flavor will be available later in 2020. This flavor could be the one that will work in recipes. Just think how this snack can be transformed into some mac n’ cheese.

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Are you a fan of PLANTERS Cheez Balls? What is your favorite cheesy snack?