Can your zodiac sign predict your favorite coffee flavors?

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With Mercury in retrograde, many people are thinking about their zodiac sign and how the stars impact decisions. Could that zodiac sign predict your favorite coffee flavors?

Have you ever wondered why you have favorite coffee flavors but your partner will only drink a totally different coffee creamer? While everyone has a different flavor likes and dislikes, sometimes your zodiac sign can influence the coffee cream flavors that you prefer. Is everyone in your house flavor combatible?

Looking at the refrigerated section, there are numerous types of coffee creamers on the market. From classic flavors like hazelnut to flavors similar to a favorite desserts, there are numerous options. While some tasty selections to turn that traditional cup of coffee into a flavorful beverage.

While some people will always be drawn to black coffee, favorite coffee flavors are evolving. Just as coffee has become an anytime beverage, the coffee creamers are turning coffee into a flavor experience.

As the flavors keep evolving, have you ever wondered why you are drawn to certain favorite coffee flavors? With Mercury in retrograde, many people are thinking about their zodiac sign. While many people enjoy reading their daily horoscope, the stars could guide your food choices, too.

Recently, famed astrologer Susan Miller partnered with International Delight to create a flavor palette. While not an exact science, these recommendations could have you thinking a little differently. Maybe there is a reason why you love certain warm spices and your partner prefers something sweeter. It all could be in the stars.

Miller believes that your sign can influence favorite flavors. She commented “Your sign can absolutely determine which flavors you prefer! When I partnered with International Delight to pair their coffee creamer flavors with the zodiac signs, I took special care to consider all aspects and characteristics of the signs to determine which flavor they would most enjoy.”

While seasonality changes, Miller believes that the core traits of each sign remains the same. Her suggested flavor pairings focus on those core traits. Whether it is the height of summer or the chill of winter, people still enjoy certain flavors.

From Libra’s refined sweet tooth to the adventurous Aries, there is an International Delights coffee creamer that fits your zodiac sign and its flavor profile. Plus, these suggested flavor pairings could be a fun way to explore a new choice for your coffee cup. Whether you combine two coffee creamers or try something totally outside of your comfort zone, these coffee creamers could have you rediscovering why coffee continues to be a favorite beverage choice.

If you are wondering what your zodiac sign says about your favorite coffee flavors, here are Susan Miller’s recommendations.


Aires is considered an adventurous person who is ready to embrace life. Miller recommends Interational Delight’s Cinnabon flavor. The cinnamon brings the spice but has a sense of harmony. It will bring a smile that lasts all day long.


Sometimes referred to as the discriminating Taurus, Miller recommends the Hershey’s Chocolate Caramel International Delight Coffee Creamer. That touch of caramel makes it an indulgent experience that is sure to please.


Considered curious, perceptive and adaptable, Miller believes that the International Delight Southern Butter Pecan creamer is a wonderful pairing. The flavor is slightly intriguing as it evolves through each sip. From brown sugar to pecans, each cup reveals another layer.


This favorite coffee creamer pairing will make sure that on one is crabby. The classic French Vanilla always delivers a delicious cup of coffee.


While a lion might be king of the jungle, a Leo is sophisticated and refined. Miller believes that the International Delight White Chocolate Mocha is the perfect pairing. A touch of sweet yet not too bold, this coffee creamer definitely fits the bill.


Preferring classics, Miller thinks that the classic hazelnut is the best choice. There is nothing more classic than hazelnuts and coffee. It could be time to rediscover the classics.


Since Libra has a delicate sweet tooth, Miller thinks that the White Chocolate Raspberry coffee creamer from International Delight is the perfect choice. The brightness from the raspberries and the touch of sweetness from the white chocolate will satisfy that sweet craving.


Miller believes that Scorpios will be drawn to the velvety experience of almonds in this coffee creamer. There is a lot of depth in this flavor. Even as you enjoy the aroma before the first sip, this coffee experience will be a delightful one.


Considered the adventurous traveler, Miller believes that the best pairing is the International Delight Irish Crème. While not necessarily a trip to the Emerald Isle, this combination of brown sugar and sweet cream could have you feeling a wee bit Irish.


Always looking to climb to the top and reach a goal, the Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream can fuel that leader. With just a hint of sweetness, reaching that goal will seem even more satisfying.


Often considered the person in the know, Miller believes that the Caramel Macchiato coffee creamer delivers that coffeehouse flavor. This International Delight coffee creamer brings that rich and smooth taste to each cup of coffee.


Pisces are always ready to celebrate. Why wouldn’t they be drawn to the Birthday Cake International Delight coffee creamer. While it doesn’t require a fork, the flavor is reminiscent of vanilla frosting, yellow cake and springs. It is a celebration in every cup.

Whether you use these zodiac sign recommendations or have your own favorite coffee flavors, International Delight has a coffee creamer flavor that delivers a tasty coffee every time.

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