Bud Light Open For Takeout: Buy a beer for a good cause

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While happy hour has taken a virtual spin, Bud Light Open for Takeout is the perfect way to pop open a cold one and help a local restaurant.

Are you missing that Bud Light bucket at your favorite hangout? Bud Light Open For Takeout is the popular beer brand’s way of helping local restaurants and bars. While everyone is practicing social distancing, the restaurant industry is facing dire times. With this program, cracking open an ice cold Bud Light can help support local business.

During these uncertain times, everyone is trying to do their part. While staying home is the easiest action to take, other choices can help, too. Whether it is The Great American Takeout or Carryout Wednesday, each and every action to help the restaurant industry is appreciated. No one wants their favorite hangout to have empty tables forever.

The idea of Bud Light For Takeout is simple. Both online and via the hashtag, #OpenForTakeout, consumers can find restaurants and bars that are open for takeout. From that local dive bar to larger establishments, each and every part of the restaurant industry needs support.

Bud Light is trying to make these moments of social distancing a little better. Last weekend, the brand launched its Bud Light Dive Tour Home Edition. With the help of Jake Owen, the livestream event brought fans a lot of entertainment and raised funds for the American Red Cross.

Anheuser Busch is making monetary contributions to help the American Red Cross. The company has pledged to “redirect funds from sports and entertainment partnerships” to provide resources “to support national and local response for COVID-19 with the American Red Cross.”

During these times, both companies and individuals can help. From monetary donations to placing a takeout order from a favorite restaurant to providing a meal to a healthcare worker to just practicing social distancing, everyone needs to do their part.

In the end, let’s look forward to enjoying a cold Bud Light with friends and reflect back on how everyone worked together in times of crisis.

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For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website or the website for your state’s Department of Health.