Food Network offers pantry cooking inspiration with The Kitchen: Quarantine Edition

Co-Hosts Jeff Mauro (L), Sunny Anderson, Geoffrey Zakarian, and Katie Lee as seen on The Kitchen, Season 15.
Co-Hosts Jeff Mauro (L), Sunny Anderson, Geoffrey Zakarian, and Katie Lee as seen on The Kitchen, Season 15. /

Not sure what to cook with that can of beans? The Kitchen: Quarantine Edition has its Food Network chefs offering some tasty recipe recommendations.

Need some help with that Chopped Challenge? The Kitchen: Quarantine Edition has the Food Network chefs and co-hosts sharing recipes and food ideas from their home kitchen. Have you ever wondered what an Iron Chef keeps in her pantry?

Recently, many celebrity chefs have taken to social media to help a new batch of aspiring home cooks. As many people have figured out, staring at the pantry can be overwhelming. Determining what foods work together, discovering new flavors or just wondering why did you ever buy gochujang if you don’t know what it is, can cause cooking confusion. Luckily, the Food Network is coming to everyone’s rescue.

According to Courtney While, Food Network’s President, “During this difficult time, food is one of the unifying forces bringing us together. The ability for family and friends to converse and share delicious recipes, while pushing their creative boundaries to make a meal from the ingredients they have in their pantry is what Food Network is all about.”

The Kitchen episode, airing on April 4 at 11 a.m. EST, The Kitchen: Quarantine Edition will give foodies a little glimpse into these chefs’ kitchen. From pantry staples to building flavors, it is almost like a master class for the aspiring chef and foodie.

Looking at the special episode, fans can expect a wide variety of recipes. Katie Lee is going to whip up her Pantry Pull Pasta Puttanesca. Jeff Mauro will be cooking a Crispy Skin Salmon Provençal with Charred Red Cabbage Salad.

For a more rustic approach, Alex Guarnaschelli is taking a page from her Iron Chef days and showing how beans are always a good pantry staple. Her White Bean Dip could be the perfect Food Network binge pairing for the weekend.

Also, Geoffery Zakarian will take on beans with this Three Bean Salad. Of course, the always stylish Iron Chef will be mixing up a cocktail for the occasion. His Tequila Bumble Bee could be replace that quaratini.

Lastly, everyone knows that a sweet treat is definite a pantry find. Sunny’s Grilled Bananas Foster is the dessert that will impress, even when social distancing is over.

Everyone is invited to join in the cooking conversation. While these celebrity chefs are cooking, so is everyone else. Why not join the conversation with #WeCook. From that simple meal to something more ambitious, every dish has a place at the table.

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Do you have a great pantry dish to share? What is a pantry staple that is always on the shelf?