Uber Eats adds in-app donation feature to help restaurants

UberEats in app donation to National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, photo provided by UberEats
UberEats in app donation to National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, photo provided by UberEats /

Uber Eats is showing its support for restaurants. Through an Uber Eats in-app donation feature, your favorite restaurant can get an extra tip.

As the restaurant industry crisis hits new levels, Uber Eats is doing its part to help restaurants that are vital parts of the community. Through a new Uber Eats in-app donation feature, guests can add a contribution that “will go directly to that restaurant.” It is like a virtual tip jar of support.

In addition to the donation that goes directly to the restaurant itself, these donations will be matched by Uber. As a partner in the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, “Uber will match each donation dollar for dollar up to $3 million.”

As previously announced, the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund has brought together numerous companies to support the restaurant industry. A founding partner, Uber has already donated $2 million to that fund.

Guy Fieri, who is supporting the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, said “I am stoked that Uber Eats has come on board big time to support the Restaurant Relief America campaign and help out restaurant workers across the country in this difficult time,”

The local restaurant is vital to the community. It goes beyond the favorite meal or restaurant cravings that people have. That restaurant provides jobs for many. Both the restaurant and the community help each other.

According to Uber Eats, there has been “more than 30% rise in order to independent restaurants since mid-March.” Whether it is from programs like The Great American Takeout or Carry Out Wednesday, everyone is looking to support local businesses.

While the local communities are doing their part, Uber has committed to provide “10 million free rides and deliveries of food for frontline healthcare workers, seniors and people in need.” This commitment is the company’s way of providing support during this crisis. To date, “300,000 free meals to first responders, rides for healthcare workers, and more” have been provided by Uber.

Given the immense pressure and heroic dedication that these individuals provide, the free meals and rides are a token of gratitude. A ride home to rest or a hot meal to replenish can help them continue their efforts. It is Uber’s way of doing its part.

Lastly, Uber has partnered with Feeding America. Through its food banks, Uber is helping to deliver meals to those in need. By helping with the “last mile food delivery,” the idea is to bring meals from food banks to homes directly. From families in need to the elderly, Uber is committed to helping get food to those in need.

During these unprecedented times, everyone is doing their part. Whether it is making an Uber Eats in-app donation, ordering a meal, offering a word of support or just staying at home, all efforts help during these difficult times.

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What are you ordering from Uber Eats? Have you supported your local restaurants?