The Great Food Truck Race review: Was Las Vegas lucky, again?

Host Tyler Florence stops by for a quick visit with the "Lunch Ladies" while dropping off dark chocolate for the Dark Chocolate Challenge on the fourth episode of The Great Food Truck Race Season 12, as seen on Food Network.
Host Tyler Florence stops by for a quick visit with the "Lunch Ladies" while dropping off dark chocolate for the Dark Chocolate Challenge on the fourth episode of The Great Food Truck Race Season 12, as seen on Food Network. /

The food trucks pushed their luck as The Great Food Truck Race rolled into Las Vegas. Did lady luck finally turn on Bachelor Kitchen?

With California in the rearview, The Great Food Truck Race headed to Las Vegas. Although Sin City might be a culinary mecca, these food trucks needed to stand out in a crowd. Did luck finally run out for one food truck?

Throughout this The Great Food Truck Race season, the challenges have been the game changer. Bachelor Kitchen has found a way to save themselves time and again. Sometimes playing the game is just as important as amazing food.

For the first challenge, the food trucks had to create an elevated in-suite dining experience. With a spin of the roulette wheel, the food trucks learned their proteins. Some proteins were over the top and one wasn’t as exciting.

Overall, the food trucks created tasty in-suite dining dishes. With just 20 minutes, they performed well. Still, the dishes might not have been typical Las Vegas food experience. Sorry Super Sope, but a chicken enchilada needs some pizzazz for Las Vegas. Sure, a tasty enchilada might be a late  night craving, but this chicken breast could have been given a boost.

Even Bachelor Kitchen had another good showing. Although they didn’t want the blue crab, they made a good crab cake. Has anyone really used cream cheese in a crab cake? Apparently, it is a decent idea, or so it seemed during judging.

The Great Food Truck Race
Super Sope, Bachelor Kitchen, Lunch Ladies, and Mystikka Masala team members , as seen on The Great Food Truck Race, Season 12. /

While many of the dishes were good, only one dish got the Tyler Florence and the  chef from the Venetian Hotel to say yum. The Lunch Ladies with their Thai salmon lettuce cups were the winner. Although the judges would have preferred a make your own lettuce cup, they ranked this dish a nine out of ten.

After the in suite dining challenge, the food trucks head off to tell. Overall, the teams had highs and lows during the first day of selling. Crowds were smaller and it was hard to entice people to try their food.

Given that Las Vegas is a culinary mecca, it is hard for these food trucks to stand out. With the strip having celebrity chef driven and well known restaurants at every corner, it is hard for an unknown food truck to compete. Luckily, day two came with a special parking spot and a more captive audience.

Additionally, there is always another challenge on The Great Food Truck Race. On day two, Tyler gave the teams a selling challenge. The food trucks had to create a special that used an expensive dark chocolate. Also, all the specials had to be priced at just $5.

This challenge was not just selling. The food trucks needed to choose the right dish. Lunch Ladies understood that many people love donut holes. This choice proved that they are being a smart food truck business.

Previously, Bachelor Kitchen excelled in these selling challenges. Unfortunately, their chocolate frappe might not have been the best choice. While it was refreshing, the flavor combination seemed off.

Tyler reveals the winning chocolate special and Lunch Ladies make a clean sweep of the Las Vegas challenges. It seems that donuts beat a frappe. Those wins and some great selling earned them the Las Vegas win. Luck was definitely a lady in Las Vegas.

Following behind the Lunch Ladies, Mystikka Masala earned second place. Sometimes it is ok to be in second place. Even though it wasn’t a huge week for Mystikka Masala, they secured a spot in the next city.

Throughout The Great Food Truck Race, Bachelor Kitchen just seemed to have luck on their side. From episode to episode, those guys just seem to squeak out another week in the competition. Did luck finally run out for Bachelor Kitchen?

Both Super Sope and Bachelor Kitchen struggled. Their sales were not the best. Even though Bachelor Kitchen presented a simplified menu, it wasn’t enough to help them pull ahead. In the end, Super Sope sneaked out the win in Las Vegas and Bachelor Kitchen was sent home.

Even though the Bachelor Kitchen had struggles, there is something commendable about their experience. Previous food truck teams that were down a member never survived. Bachelor Kitchen did well being down a teammate. They made smart decisions that kept them in the game. Additionally, this bachelor food might have found some new fans.

While Bachelor Kitchen turned in their keys, their success in The Great Food Truck Race shows that this Food Network program is a competition. This food truck knew how to play the game. Sometimes the best game player can beat the best cook.

With only three food trucks left, it seems like Lunch Ladies have a huge advantage. They know their food, they prep fast and they can sell. Overall, they seem to have all the tools to be successful.

Still, it is any food truck’s competition to win. An upset can happen. Just look at how far Bachelor Kitchen went in this season.

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Who do you think will win The Great Food Truck Race? Could an underdog take the title?