Is the worst Easter candy one of the most iconic Easter candies?

Easter egg candy. Photo by Cristine Struble
Easter egg candy. Photo by Cristine Struble /

Everyone has an opinion on the worst Easter candy. Could one of the most iconic Easter candies really be considered the least favorite?

What do you think is the worst Easter candy? While everyone hopes that the Easter basket is filled with delicious sweet treats, sometimes the Easter bunny makes a mistake. Instead of a basket filled with Reese’s Eggs, that Easter basket has some not as tasty choices. But, is this Easter candy really the worst?

Every year, the Candy Store compiles this survey. While Halloween might be a huge candy holiday, Easter is often associated with tons of sweet treats. Even with Easter being celebrated at home, candy is usually part of the celebration.

Picking the best or favorite Easter candy is easy. While many people stockpile those Reese’s eggs, the best Easter candy this year is Cadbury mini eggs. There is something tasty about the chocolate center and the candy shell. From the slightly bigger size to the egg shape, it seems that it is a popular choice.

From jelly beans to those Peeps, everyone thinks that they might know the worst Easter candy. Even though Peeps might be a controversial choice, it does not top the worst list. Maybe those marshmallow treats are actually finding a way into many people’s hearts (and stomachs).

This year, the worst Easter candy is the Cadbury Crème Egg. Even though everyone loves those bunny commercials, the candy is a little more controversial. It seems that even a cute commercial cannot make this candy more enjoyable.

Truthfully, the flavors do have appeal. The combination of chocolate and sweet cream is delicious. While the yolk like the center is humorous and unusual, the flavors are good.

The biggest problem with this candy is that it is hard to eat. Biting into this candy can be a big mess. The crème center spills. No one likes messy candy.

Eating candy with a fork or a spoon is strange, but it is necessary. Creating the perfect bite of chocolate and crème is necessary to enjoy this Easter candy. When that happens, it is a tasty treat.

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What do you consider the worst Easter candy? More importantly, how quickly do you eat all that Easter candy?