Worst Halloween candy, 7 candies that no one wants in their candy bag


The Halloween candy shopping season has begun. Before everyone goes trick or treating, make sure that you don’t have the worst Halloween candy to handout to those little ghouls.

Halloween, and Halloween candy, is big business. Studies show that consumers spend billions on Halloween related items every year. Even with all that money spent, some people still insist on buying bad candy. Don’t be the house that everyone avoids (or talks about the next day) because you gave out the worst Halloween candy.

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While the best, or most popular candy, is a more enjoyable topic, the worst candy topic is much more important. No one wants bags of Halloween candy come Valentine’s Day. Even if you can get a great deal, these are a few Halloween candies to skip this Halloween

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Tootsie Rolls

While a Tootsie Roll has a chocolate flavor, the hard, not quite chewy candy can leave a funny aftertaste. A stale Tootsie Roll could cause you to crack a tooth. A warm Tootsie Roll is just not an appealing sight or texture. There is a reason why this candy is in the mega pack. Just don’t let your kids come home with too many Tootsie Rolls in their candy bag. No one might eat them.

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Those little packages that make the shaking sound at the bottom of the bag can be quite annoying. Once you can open the box of Nerds, the tiny sugar pellets go everywhere. Maybe some people like the sweet, sour sugar flavor of Nerds. But, if a box has ever spilled all over your floor, you might not be a fan.

Granted, years ago, the half and half Nerds flavors were fun. Occasionally, the company has tried some new flavor twists, too. But, the small boxes found for Halloween are more annoying than fun.

Skip the small treat and find something more flavorful to spend your candy calories on.


Some Halloween candy is better left at the store. Gum is one of those Halloween treats. Some houses might think that it is nostalgic to hand out Double Bubble, but no one really wants gum.

Yes, gum can freshen your breath or keep the munchies away. But, no kid really wants a piece of gum instead of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

Plus, did you know that chewing gum can cause gas? If you give out gum for Halloween candy, you’re giving people gas. How could that fact not put gum on the worst candy list?

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Dum Dums

Those tiny, three bite lollipops are sold in big bags for a reason. Yes, that little bite of Dum Dums sugar is great for the youngest children, but the older kids would rather pass.

The only fun aspect for a Dum Dum is the crazy mystery flavor. What could that unknown flavor be? Usually it is cream or fruity. Still, a little mystery can add something to this otherwise worst Halloween candy.

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Almond Joy or Mounds

Everyone knows that classic jingle, but does anyone eat either an Almond Joy or a Mounds. The chocolate coconut and/or nut candy bar is liked by some people, but many people would rather pass on this treat. While that “sometimes you feel like a nut” jingle was funny in the 1970s, today many people may not want to be referred to or act like the people in that commercial.

The color and shape of these candy bars is somewhat disturbing. While it isn’t the Baby Ruth moment from Caddy Shack, no one really wants to see an Almond Joy or Mounds in the candy bag. The flavor of coconut, chocolate and almonds can be found in better desserts, like a cookie or a cake. Hopefully, no one puts too many of these candies in your Halloween bag for a gag.

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That long skinny package mocks you. Try to open a package of Smarties without the whole package spilling onto the floor. It is next to impossible. But, even if you safely remove the Smarties from the package, do you really want to eat them?

Smarties are really little bites of sugar. While each individual color is a particular flavor, the flavors seem to blend together. Plus, green is strawberry flavor, which makes no sense. Shouldn’t green be apple or lime?

Still, Smarties will show up in many Halloween bags, but will you eat them?

Laffy Taffy

The supposedly long last fruity taffy flavor calls some candy fans, but watch out for a stale Laffy Taffy. While Laffy Taffy should be supple and bendable, a stale version could break your teeth. Watch out for that hard taffy in the Halloween bowl.

Some kids love Laffy Taffy not for the flavor or taste but for the jokes on the wrapper. On the inside of each wrapper is a joke. Kids love the funny jokes because they are really silly puns. Just don’t lick the wrapper to get to read the jokes.

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While everyone may not agree with these worst Halloween candy list or the best Halloween candy list, the debate is part of the Halloween fun. Truthfully, eating Halloween candy is a huge part of Halloween, just like finding the perfect Halloween costume.

So, will your house be on the best or the worst Halloween candy list? Only the amount of left over candy will be the tell-tale sign thumbs up or down from the trick or treaters.