The Great Food Truck Race review: Which food trucks made the finale?

Before allowing the teams to continue in the race, Host Tyler Florence explains the rules of the Avocado Toast Challenge in Santa Barbara on The Great Food Truck Race Season 12, as seen on Food Network. Photo provided by Food Network
Before allowing the teams to continue in the race, Host Tyler Florence explains the rules of the Avocado Toast Challenge in Santa Barbara on The Great Food Truck Race Season 12, as seen on Food Network. Photo provided by Food Network /

In the Gold Coast season, The Great Food Truck Race started rolling to the finale with a pit of a problem. Which food trucks were up to the challenge?

Which food trucks made The Great Food Truck Race finale? As three food trucks dreamed of $50,000 prize, the first challenge in this week’s Food Network episode was the pits, literally. Who was make quick work of this pit problem and who was just toast?

As seen in both this and previous The Great Food Truck Race seasons, the challenges have a big impact on the Food Network competition. Although the food makes or breaks a food truck, the challenges prove that the food trucks need business savvy. Sometimes it pays to make smart decision.

Even earlier in this particular season, Bachelor Kitchen leveraged the challenges to their advantage. That food truck would not have made the final four without paying the challenges well.

In this episode, the first challenge was more of a mise en place challenge. After the food trucks gathered 50 avocados from the trees, the teams had to pit the avocados. Watching the knives fly in this challenge was quite concerning. Avocado prep injuries happen a lot. It was surprising that no one cut themselves during this challenge.

Great Food Truck Race
Host Tyler Florence, as seen on The Great Food Truck Race, Season 12. Photo provided by Food Network /

Also, here’s an avocado tip. Use your knife to remove the pit. Simply put the blade into the pit and twist. In a ripe avocado, it should easily come out. Then, just gently tap your knife to remove the pit from the blade.

Given this mise en place style challenge, it seemed likely that the Lunch Ladies would win. They have the fastest prep times of all the remaining food trucks.

Earning the one hour selling advantage was the Lunch Ladies. They definitely made quick work of this first challenge.

While the Lunch Ladies won the first challenge, there were more challenges ahead. Luckily all that avocado prep didn’t go to waste. The food trucks had to create an avocado toast dish. Even though people have tried, avocado toast is still popular. I bet that Eat My Crust wishes that they had made it further in the competition.

Luckily, the avocado toast turned into a taste challenge. It was interesting that all three dishes featured guacamole. Isn’t the avocado on avocado toast not guacamole? Did anyone really fulfill the challenge?

Overall, the flavors were good. Mystikka Masala’s dish was a little messy. No one wants avocado toast that you have to eat with a fork. Lunch Ladies had a good idea, but it wasn’t earth shattering.

The best avocado dish was Super Sope’s avocado toast. The use of the corn and a hint of spice made the dish quite tasty. For their efforts, they earned an additional $300.

In the first day of selling, it seemed that the Lunch Ladies had a clear advantage. Whether it is their name, their personality or their dishes, the Lunch Ladies seem like they are destined to win.

But, Mystikka Masala took a page out of Bachelor Kitchen’s playbook. By selling only dishes with avocado, they were almost guaranteed the avocado selling win. If you only sell avocado dishes, why wouldn’t you win?

Going into the second day, The Great Food Truck Race seems like a race for second place. Both Mystikka Masala and Super Sope seem even (and they even parked near each other). If Food Network fans didn’t think that another twist would be in the plans, they haven’t watched previous seasons.

In day two, the food trucks had another selling challenge. Tyler challenged the food trucks to create a watermelon dish and the first team to reach $300 of sales would earn a $300 bonus. Needless to say, everyone used watermelon in almost every dish.

From fruit salad to watermelon salsa, it seems that watermelon can go in almost anything. While this idea was part of the challenge, it didn’t really convey the purpose.

Truthfully, the Lunch Ladies made a special dish (in addition to putting watermelon in everything). The watermelon lime donut holes were a smart choice. Can anyone really resist donuts? Like in previous seasons, donuts often bring the win.

Earning the $300 watermelon challenge win was the Lunch Ladies. If you were keeping track, each food truck won a bonus challenge. Basically, everyone was even and it all came down to sales.

As predicted, the Lunch Ladies won and will be heading to The Great Food Truck Race finale. From the beginning of the season, this food truck has been a dominate force.

Between Mystikka Masala and Super Sope, the final totals were close. Only $138 dollars separated the food trucks. In the end, Mystikka Masala earned their spot in the finale.

Which food truck will earn The Great Food Truck Race title? Everyone will have to watch next week’s finale.

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Which food truck do you want to win this season? What has been your favorite episode this season?