Chili’s and DoorDash create a Come Back to Me dinner party

Chantel Jefferies & DoorDash curate special Chili's menu, photo provided by DoorDash
Chantel Jefferies & DoorDash curate special Chili's menu, photo provided by DoorDash /

While that Chili’s baby back ribs jingle might ring in your ear, the DoorDash Come Back to Me dinner party celebrates what dinner can still be.

Enjoying a dinner with friends looks quite different these days. Still, Chili’s and DoorDash understand that having a meaningful dinner is more than satisfying a hunger. From a good laugh to a spirited conversation, the moments between each bite are as important as the food, itself. The idea of the Come Back to Me dinner party, inspired by Chantel Jefferies and the single “Come Back to Me” shows that dinner parties aren’t eliminated, they are just different.

The special “Come Back to Me” menu by Chili’s and DoorDash is a combination of favorite menu items and a few customizations. Starting on May 14 through May 17, customers can order this special menu for just $13.

The three course meal includes an appetizer of chips and salsa, a molten chocolate cake dessert and a choice of entrée, including “Fajitas (Chicken or Shrimp), Black Bean & Veggie Fajitas, Chicken Crispers (Original, Crispy, Honey-Chipotle, or Mango-Habanero), Just Bacon Burger (Black Bean Patty as a vegetarian option), Cajun Chicken Pasta, Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadillas, and Margarita Grilled Chicken.”

While this special menu is available for several days, everyone is encouraged to order and tune into a special virtual dinner party on May 14. At 8 p.m. EST/ 5 p.m. PST, YouTube will host the “Come Back To Me” virtual dinner party. This even will feature Jefferies as well as many other celebrity guests. Fans at home could even create their own Zoom dinner party where they can eat and watch all the entertainment.

Even if you do not participate in the special YouTube event this idea serves as a reminder that staying at home does not necessarily mean total isolation. Although people may not be able to physically sit next to each other at a restaurant, there are ways of connecting. From making that Whassup call to creating these virtual dinner parties, friends are still part of your life. There might be a face on a screen, but they are still there.

Why not take a moment and see how all your friends can come back to together this week. You might not be sitting at your special table in a restaurant, but you can have a good laugh over your outgrown bangs that keep getting in the way (please don’t cut them yourself).

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How are you connecting with friends? Could this Chili’s and DoorDash offer bring your friends back together virtually?