Summer grilling is better with a bold, fruit forward wine

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Summer grilling season is here. While some people might grab a beer, a bold, fruit forward wine is a better choice to pair with those grilled dishes.

It is time to fan the flames; summer grilling season is the perfect reason to get outside and start cooking. Although hard seltzers fill coolers and beers flow freely, a wine can be the perfect pairing to all those grilling recipes. Grab the wine opener and some glasses because it is time to pour a glass.

Often during the summer, roses are the popular wine choice. Rose All Day has been part of the long, leisurely summer afternoons. Although a rose is often delightful, another type of wine pairs perfectly with all types of summer grilling recipes.

Since grilled recipes often absorb the flavors of the open flame, pairing a wine with these flavors needs to be thoughtful. For example, smoke on smoke may not be the best combination. Instead, a bold, fruit forward wine can be a lovely choice.

Personally, one wine that is always in the wine fridge during grilling season is the Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel is a favorite. The Lodi, California wine is lush from first sip till the last drop.

The old vine refers to the grapes used in making this wine. These vines are considered some of the oldest in California. The resulting wine has a bold flavor.

Even though the wine is bold, it is fruit forward. The jammy blackberries are rich yet enticing. Although the wine might be a little intense, it is irresistible.

With subtle oak and vanilla finishes, the wine unveils its layers. Each sips leaves you wanting more.

The Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel can pair with a variety of grilling dishes. From a saucy, smoked rib dish to a simple chicken recipe, the wine brings out the flavors of the grill. Even some zesty grilled vegetables get a boost from this wine.

Lastly, since the wine has a touch of mocha notes, it is a perfect end to a meal with a classic summer dessert. From some grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream to even a decadent chocolate cake, save a glass to savor with dessert.

The Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel is widely available at a variety of retailers. It is a reasonably priced wine.

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Are you ready to pair some boldness with your summer grilling? What wine pairings would you recommend?