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Universal Orlando is getting set to open its theme parks for guests.

If you have been missing Butterbeer, Universal Orlando is almost ready to welcome guests again to the theme parks. Recently, Universal City Walk had a limited reopening. From mini golf to Voodoo Doughnuts, many locals have enjoyed walking around the shopping area. With Universal’s re-opening plans awaiting approval, it seems that summer will be filled with many Universal “whoa” moments.

As the first theme park to potentially re-open, Universal has set a standard for the other Florida based attractions. While everyone understands the concepts of social distancing, the application within the theme park will be interesting.

According to the plans submitted to the reopening task force, the general public could be back in the Universal theme parks starting on June 5. While there might be a phased re-opening or gradual re-opening, it appears that theme park fans will have the opportunity to be back walking through the Wizarding World again soon.

Here’s what to expect as Universal Orlando sets to reopen.

Similar to the parameters for City Walk, guests should expect the following items:

Temperature checks: Upon arrival, guests will have their temperature screened. Guests with a temperature above 100.4 will not be allowed to visit.

Face masks: All guests will be required to wear face masks throughout their visit. For guests without a face mask, they will not be allowed to enter. A free, disposable face covering will be available.

Social Distancing: Throughout the park, guests will have to adhere to social distancing guidelines. While the specifics of these parameters are not clear, it can be assumed that queues will be set up differently as well as other waiting areas. Additionally, more virtual queues will be used.

Dining: Single use menus will be used, self service options and buffets will be eliminated, and pre-packaged silverware and condiments will be used.

Rides: Interactive play areas will be closed. Parades will be unavailable and post-show meet and greets are not available. Single rider line will be eliminated.

While many of these concepts were expected, a few issues might need to be clarified. While there is no self-serve option at restaurants, it can be assumed that the all-day refillable cups will no longer be available. This drink option is one of the best deals at the theme park.

Also, many people prefer to bring their own water bottle to Universal Orlando. Considering the hot weather, water is essential. If guests have to buy bottled water, it can be a significant expense.

Lastly, it appears that Volcano Bay will be opening with Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Although everyone will have to wear a face mask, it will be interesting to see how this requirement works in a water park. Although chlorine and bromine “are known to inactive the virus,” it is unclear if the masks will be required in the water park. Water and face masks do not seem like a likely combination.

Whether guests are ready or not to head back to Universal Orlando remains to be seen. Based on the crowds at City Walk, it seems that many people are ready to get the “whoa” back.

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Are you ready to go back to Universal Orlando? Will you be visiting a theme park this summer?