Truly Summer Fridays calendar is the summer must have

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Remember Fridays with Truly Summer Fridays calendar.

Quench that summer thirst with Truly Summer Fridays calendar. Even though people might not know what day of the week it is, this beverage calendar could be a way to remember at least one day of the week. Ready to pop open a slot and a can?

Truly has been a popular hard seltzer. While everyone has a favorite flavor category, the 16 Truly flavors offer a wide variety. From berries to tropical to even some citrus, it can be hard to just pick one direction. With this special variety pack, you can sample them all.

Over the past couple of years, the advent food and beverage calendars have been extremely popular. As each door is opened, another surprise is revealed. It is a like having a present all month long.

This summer looks to be quite different from years’ past. Since many people need something happy in their lives, the idea of a new beverage calendar to celebrate another week’s passing could be that highlight.

According to Truly, the 16 summer pack is the first time that all 16 Truly flavors are combined in a single hard seltzer variety pack. Although you are supposed to open one slot a week, some people might not be able to wait that long. If you are like that kid who sneaks open Christmas presents, you might want to buy two of the summer variety packs to keep one as a weekly surprise beverage.

The fun part of this variety pack is the surprise of opening a new slot every week. There are not too many opportunities to be surprised, in a good way. Just because you want to have another raspberry lime Truly doesn’t mean that fate is going to give you one. Maybe it is time to explore the possibilities of watermelon kiwi.

If you would like to make your summer a little more fun, consider purchasing the Truly summer Fridays variety pack. It is available at The variety pack retails for $39.

At that price, consider buying a couple variety packs. Think of the fun your next virtual happy hour could be. Want to make the box opening into a game like Let’s Make a Deal?

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What is your favorite Truly hard seltzer flavor? Would you buy this variety pack?