The Newest Breakfast Craze, Maple Me Crazy Butter

(Photo by Rubina A. Khan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Rubina A. Khan/Getty Images) /

Is your breakfast ready for an upgrade?

Has your breakfast become boring, a bit of a chore? Wake up your taste buds with creamy, maple, brown sugar butter. Land O’ Lakes Maple Me Crazy Butter. Available now at your favorite grocery store. It’s limited edition food, so don’t miss out. Buy a tub or two before it disappears off the shelves.

Maple is a family friendly flavor. Kids will love to slather this buttery spread on their pancakes, French toast and waffles. Parents will enjoy it melt it on  biscuits, especially sausage biscuits and toasted English Muffins.

Packaged in a resealable tub, it’s easy to spread. Makes waking up so much sweeter. Plus we can always count on Land O’Lakes to use the best quality ingredients. After all their motto is “Butter is everything”.

You’ll be tempted to dollop it on your oatmeal. Top grits with maple butter and crumbled crisp bacon. Fried apples with Maple Me Crazy Butter are the yummiest!

On their website, Land O’ Lakes recommends spreading this delicious butter on cinnamon toast, melting it on sweet potatoes (how good does that sound!) and bake it into your favorite sugar cookie recipe.

But wait, there’s lots more…I can’t wait to make caramel corn (one of my favorite snacks on earth) with maple butter, Banana Bread (bet it’s even better than Mom’s) and sweet Southern cornbread.

The folks at Land O’ Lakes offer lots of fun recipes…all kinds of foods – breakfast, lunch and dinner (snacks and desserts too!) that are better with butter.  Their website also includes helpful tips on everything you need to know about butter. But one thing you won’t find is how to feed your family without including butter…as they say “Words you’ll never hear us utter? Let’s try it without butter.”

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Are you crazy for flavored butter? What will maple you crazy?